It used to be that female car insurance was not as readily available or as desirable as their male counterpart. Times have changed greatly, however. Car insurance companies now offer a variety of plans for both men and women, covering different aspects of their car coverage needs. If you are a female, there are many benefits to choosing your next automobile insurance policy over a man’s. Continue reading to learn more.

female car insurance

One of the most obvious factors in choosing your next automobile insurance policy is the type of plan you are looking for. It really depends on which state you reside in, but typically the cost of an auto insurance plan for a female is much less than a male. The difference in the cost for the same basic six-month coverage offered by several companies is larger (5) than the difference in annual salaries for men and women. In other words, the cost of car insurance for females is very reasonable in comparison. When getting free car insurance comparison quotes online, be sure to provide the same information regarding your driving history with each quote that you obtain.

In addition to finding an affordable plan that covers all your bases, another way to save money is to be a good driver. Insurance companies like to insure individuals who are conscientious and responsible. Therefore, it stands to reason that the premiums on insurance for males will be higher than females. To counter this, take a defensive driving class or practice driving safely with your friends and family. Many insurance companies offer discounts for safe driving.

Females are also less likely than males to get involved in accidents. One of the reasons for this may be the smaller number of accidents that occur while driving. Studies show that female drivers are involved in fewer accidents than male drivers. In addition, statistics show that drivers who are female are more likely to follow the rules of the road than those who are male. The result is fewer accidents and tickets for females.

Another reason why female drivers pay less than males is because they are less likely to get into accidents that involve drugs or alcohol. Studies indicate that drivers involved in accidents that contain drugs make up a large part of the accident count. It is believed that drivers who are high at the time of the accident are more likely to have impairments on their physical abilities. These physical abilities can include slower reaction times, and in some cases, fainting. Further, studies show that drivers who are under the influence of alcohol are more prone to an auto accident than others. Therefore, these factors lead to higher rates for female motorists.

Female drivers make up a large percentage of the population and they continue to grow. The car insurance industry is currently experiencing a large boom in growth. This means that it is expected that female car rates will continue to grow faster than males over the next ten years. For those who currently have female car insurance, they may find that they can keep their current rate. However, if they would like to switch to a more competitive provider, they should contact their provider and obtain a quote based upon their profile now.

There are a number of reasons why female drivers are less likely to file claims. These include lower driving rates, less involvement in accidents, and a smaller role for women in households overall. Females tend to be involved in a small number of accidents that involve property damage and bodily injury than males. They also are involved in fewer vehicle accidents that result in serious or fatal injuries.

Most auto insurers do not take gender into consideration when setting their rates for auto insurance. However, there are many that do. Because of this, you should be aware of how changing your gender will impact your premium cost. Most auto insurers are willing to work with you to find a policy that you can afford. In most instances, they will be willing to make a gender change on your policy to accommodate your needs.