How Does FEDVIP Benefit Doctors and Other Professionals?

FEDVIP is a technology that provides the option for direct delivery of pharmaceuticals, health products and vaccines to patients and health care providers. It helps in delivering customized and personalized services to meet the needs of both patients and health care providers. It aims at enhancing collaboration and communication between the organization and its clients. The concept was conceptualized by Dr. Pauline O’Rourke, who holds an endowed professorship at the University of Michigan Medical School and is a senior research associate at the department of Biomedical Engineering. She is also a consultant for Merck, which has an extensive portfolio of products and services related to nutrition and immunology. Dr. O’Rourke’s PhD studies on nutritional science, Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry have earned her numerous awards, fellowships and recognition in the scientific community.

FEDVIP enables physicians and other medical professionals to access the right drug products to address health issues faster. The services are generally HIPAA approved and comply with all health policies and regulations. The system can be used to deliver small quantities of drugs for research purposes only, but at considerably reduced costs. It also makes it easy to track and trace the precise date when each drug was produced or manufactured. Through HIPAA compliant medical devices, FEDVIP can deliver diagnostic test results directly to a physician’s laptop without having to transport the devices or send the results over the internet or phone.

As a provider of FEDVIP services, AstraZeneca delivers two different solutions. The first one is FEDVIP-to-DAQL (Food and Drug Identification Laboratory System – TOXCL). The second is FEDVIP-to-Medix (Medix System – MICS).

The TOXCL system offers generic and brand-name versions of drugs, equipment and materials. It is HIPAA ready and has clear identification and authentication features. It provides fast delivery of results and is very reliable. A user name and password is required to access the portal. Results are immediate and can be printed.

Medix Systems is a sister company of AstraZeneca. Both companies have delivered solutions based on the FEDVIP technology. Both use different portal systems for delivery. The Medix system allows for multiple samples to be collected from the same place and analyzed at the same time.

The FEDVIP-to-DAQL offers delivery of results directly to a laptop in real time from the field site. There are several benefits of this technology. The system reduces the number of laboratory visits needed to collect blood samples. Measuring the levels of many drugs in blood samples reduces the time needed to do the tests.

AstraZeneca has been developing drugs and associated technologies for more than half a century. They have delivered the products to clinical trials for more than that long. They are fully aware of the need for a continuous quality stream of blood tests to ensure safety and accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. FDA approval for their drugs means that patients can start positive treatments while their blood is being monitored constantly. They don’t have to wait to see whether results are going one way or another. That’s a significant benefit.

The next steps in the roadmap are enrollment in the FEDVIP trial. Patients can get into the system at any point during the testing process. They sign up through the portal and will receive instructions on how to enroll. Then they can enter a PIN, or log in with a username and password provided by the trial. It takes just a few minutes to complete the enrollment process. In the test tube, the test will show immediately whether or not that particular drug is working as expected.

The test delivery process also works smoothly and seamlessly with FEDVIP. There is no more manual handling of test vials or syringes. They are shipped via regular mail. The pharmacy techs that work on site will also take care of preparing the test vials and then taking them to the lab and handling them there. Once the medication has been processed, it will then be shipped out for delivery to patients.

This is a great benefit because it saves both time and money for the laboratory and company. Time means money and with less time, results are likely to be delayed. Cost savings may also result because the number of patients treated using a single dose of medicine will be less than if the entire staff works to treat a single patient. In addition, automated systems generally lead to higher levels of patient satisfaction and better retention of customers.

The company continues to invest in technology and products to help advance healthcare. They continue to use the latest techniques to create innovative products and deliver them to patients. They are constantly looking for ways to make their work as convenient as possible. When patients have better access to the latest medications, they will generally respond better to treatment and will remain happy patients for longer.