Lowering your auto insurance rates after a DUI lowering your monthly car insurance bills can be tricky but not impossible. The key is not to let it happen ever again. With a DUI, insurance rates increase by 50% or more depending on the insurer and your zip code. You are considered a higher risk than someone with no driving history. Therefore, you will pay more for the same coverage.

dui car insurance

However, you can lower your California auto insurance costs if you are willing to follow some simple rules. You can also lower your premium by raising your deductible and combining your policies. If you already have renters or homeowners insurance with one company, ask them about a multi-line policy or other multiple policy discounts. You can get affordable, quality car insurance in California by shopping around.

Your credit score can make a big difference when it comes to finding cheap car insurance in California. A DUI on your driving record lowers your FICO score, which will make insurance companies less willing to insure you. Be sure to research your current auto insurance. Ask your auto insurance experts, if you don’t already have a policy that meets your needs.

The length of your license can make a big difference in your monthly cost. Drivers with a longer license term are less likely to have an accident. The length of your license will affect your state’s minimum liability insurance requirements. Some of the best car insurance companies in the country require a New York driver to have a minimum of a year on their license before they are eligible for discounts. Make sure to look into your New York insurance requirements to make sure you are still meeting minimum requirements.

Many people choose to keep their current coverage because it doesn’t seem like a big deal that they are getting charged more money for their policy. That’s only true until they go to court and try to get a discount on their auto insurance coverage. Even if you have the best car insurance company in the country, you may be subject to a greater deductible. Drivers with higher deductibles pay less money each month on their premiums.

Insuring multiple vehicles with the same company is often a good way to save money. Ask your top insurance companies for a surcharge for multiple vehicle coverage. If you decide to go with this option, be sure you’ve selected a company that offers it.

Some drivers prefer to maintain a bare minimum coverage. An example of a bare minimum coverage would be liability insurance, a few thousand dollars in medical expenses, and collision coverage. This is the minimal amount required by most states. It is not enough to protect you if you hit another car or someone in a car while driving drunk. A drunk driver’s record is also going to impact your insurance costs, so it’s important to be honest when you apply for coverage.

As you can see, there are many different insurance options available. You have to shop around to find the policy that is right for you. If you have a driving record, you may need to adjust your insurance needs based upon your recent accomplishments. Contact your current insurer and ask them if they have any DUI insurance options that may be better than your current policy.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option than your current insurer, check out your state farm insurance. Each state farm has a minimum financial amount that insurance policies will cover. If you have three parking tickets or three moving violations in the past three years, for example, you may want to check out your state farm policy to see what kind of minimum coverage you’ll need. If you have had an accident or a DUI in the past year, your insurer may want to see proof that you’ve been a good driver and have not had many accidents or traffic infractions. If you’ve always lived in a safe neighborhood, or you’ve never had a traffic violation, chances are your insurance premiums will be a lot lower than they are now.

Also check your auto insurance policy to see what kind of coverage you’re currently getting. While many states don’t require you to have full coverage on your vehicle, it’s still beneficial to get coverage. Liability insurance, for instance, covers damage to others’ property, bodily injury, and medical expenses resulting from an automobile accident or DUI conviction. Liability coverage can be very helpful should you have a day or DWI arrest because it will cover the cost of your defense lawyer.

Keep in mind that there are several factors involved in the calculation of your car insurance rate. You may want to contact an auto insurance agent to discuss the details of your current policy and find out what kind of discounts you could be eligible for. Many auto insurance companies give discounts for safe driving, having a clean record, and insuring multiple vehicles. The same goes for insuring older cars and insuring multiple vehicles, such as a van and an SUV. Keep in mind that if you have an anti-theft device in your vehicle, it can also affect your auto insurance premiums.