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How Often Should You Check Car Insurance Rates?

If you’re one of those who still asking yourself, if shop car insurance next year? The answer isn’t quite as simple as a simple yes or no. Seriously, that’s the truth nowadays, remember 72 percent of all renew vehicle insurance every year. But are you really getting the best value for money or not?

In order to truly understand whether you could save money by shop car insurance next year, you need to first have a better understanding of how it works. Basically, it’s more like a game of chance. When you purchase insurance on your new car, you have to put down a huge amount of money to pay for it. However, you don’t just want to set it and forget it. There are still things you could do in order to save money.

Shop around – Take time to shop around. There are different insurance agents out there, and they are all trying to persuade you to sign up for their packages. You may think, well they all want me to sign up for their coverage, but if I take my time to find cheaper packages from other providers then they will lose money. And that’s exactly what they want to happen. So, instead of letting them push you to sign up, it’s always good to shop around.

Compare quotes – Take out another piece of paper and start comparing quotes from different providers. If you have your existing vehicle insurance policy, and you only drive it occasionally, then you could choose to choose a quote that doesn’t require you to keep your car insured to drive it. It’s called a bare-bones policy, and you could actually save money by opting for this type of policy. So, before you shop car insurance next time you go for a renewal, you need to compare different quotes and make sure that you’re getting a lower rate.

Check your credit history – Did you know that some insurance companies automatically raise your premium when you have bad credit? That’s because they consider you as a higher risk. So, if you have a history of late payments and missed payments, then you should definitely shop around for a better rate. Your credit score will determine how good a rate you’ll get. So, make sure that you check it at least once a year.

Follow up – After you shop car insurance quotes online or over the phone, it’s always a good idea to call your insurance agent to ask for more information. Ask them if they have any special deals for your vehicle. For example, if you have more than one car insured with the same company, ask if they offer any discounts for multiple policies with the same company. You could also ask them about their customer satisfaction rate. It would be a good idea to ask if the insurance agent is happy with the services that he’s given to you.

Go through the coverage details – After you shop car insurance company quotes online or over the phone, you should now have a better idea of what kind of coverage you need. The coverage that you choose will depend on your driving history. You should also consider how much of the cost of your premiums will depend on your age and gender. You may want to shop around for a younger driver insurance policy.

As you can see from the information above, it is quite easy to shop car insurance rates online. There are no hidden costs, and there are no pressure tactics. You simply have to go through the process and find cheap car insurance rates. This will help you save money and stay safe.