Florida Kidcare is the state-funded umbrella organization for the state-funded four government-sponsored health care plans established by the Florida Legislature. The Florida Kidcare system serves as a clearinghouse for information and for application procedures for Florida’s health insurance plans. The Kidcare system also coordinates the state’s Medicaid program in serving eligible children and families in need of health care. Florida Kidcare is primarily funded through Medicaid; private insurance companies pay a portion of the cost of child care. No tax credit is available for child care in Florida. This service is offered in all 50 states.


Services are offered by licensed professionals in child care facilities who have received special training for the job. These children are professionally trained in age-appropriate environments and are able to provide all types of services including: hearing and sight care, emotional and behavioral counseling, medical treatment, dental care and education. Providing the education and care that children need to survive and grow into healthy, productive adults. Florida Kidcare is focused on safety, quality and affordable care.

Florida Kidcare provides hands on care in a comfortable environment. Staff members are assigned to families at times based on the needs of the family. For example, if a child has special needs that would require a higher level of care than another child, they will be placed in a different setting so that the child receives the proper care. Staff members are also assigned to work with children on a one-on-one basis when necessary.

In order to receive Medicaid and other health care coverage, children must be admitted to a hospital for a minimum period of six weeks. This is to ensure that the child is receiving medical care for acute health problems and that they are receiving the proper care. Florida Kidcare does not follow this rule. All children who are accepted into the program are placed in a nursing home, group home or hospital room. This allows parents to send their children for medical care without the expense of sending them home to their home.

Florida Kidcare has state-of-the-art technology to assist caregivers and children. A caregiver’s work can be done completely via the computer. This allows for maximum efficiency and supervision of a child. Computer programs include child education programs, such as learning music, reading and English.

Florida Kidcare offers a variety of educational and therapeutic classes for their participants. They offer many of the same programs as public schools, such as dance, art, sports and physical education. Children participate in after school programs as well as classes that are held during the day. The benefit of having a professional service provider to provide care is that the child will be in a position to attend school throughout the school year without having to worry about whether or not they can afford to go to school.

When evaluating providers of childcare services, one should consider the services that are offered. Kids age in years three and four through twelve years old is the average age when kids enter Kidcare programs. While age is not an issue, special needs must be considered. Programs must have a written policy concerning special needs children.

It is best to contact a Kidcare service provider before making a decision on where to send your child. You will want to find a service provider who will work with children in your area. Some providers offer a free referral or consultation services. Ask a number of questions regarding their services to ensure that they will work with your child’s needs. Choosing a reputable Kidcare service provider is crucial to the well being of your child.