When Anu Abraham first announced that she was pregnant with Jesus, she was not expecting to become a mother. She was a successful Jewish teacher in her community, but did not have much experience as a mom. In fact, she had given up on children entirely. The timing of her pregnancy was completely out of the realm of reason. She was a teacher, but had never been a mom.

anu emmanuel

As Anu became pregnant, she could not stop thinking about becoming a mom. She held onto her dream for so long that when she gave birth, she almost lost it. She kept telling herself that she would have a baby someday, but she could not understand why God was letting this happen now. Then, a miracle happened. A little girl was born in her friend’s home.

The family was blessed with another miracle as well. Anu gave birth to Jesus, who is God’s son-in-law. Jesus became a great man in the eyes of his father and his people. Everyone loved Jesus, even his own mother. He became a powerful teacher and a powerful messenger of God.

Jesus’ teachings changed the world. He taught that we should love one another and pray for one another. Many mothers-to-be look at their upcoming biological family and are afraid of what Jesus might say to them. They are afraid of what they might hear or say. One word would make it clear that he is the way of God.

Some worry about raising their child alone, without the companionship of a spouse or loved one. Some fear that they will lose the close relationship that they have with their spouse. There is no reason to fear.

You can have that relationship. It is completely within your reach. As Anu learned early in life, you can have the relationship with Jesus that she always desired. She received the kingdom of heaven before she was born. She experienced a deep sense of longing for her heavenly home.

You too can experience this deep sense of longing. You don’t have to wait until you are thirty to experience it. You can begin today! As you grow and move through the years, your relationship with Jesus will become more mature and deep.

Jesus loves you. He wants you to be healthy and prosperous. If you want to share this love with your unborn son, you need to get your priorities straight and start looking for invitations today.

We are not talking about going out and dating. This is not the time for casual dating or flirting. This is not the time for casual sex. You need to focus on getting to know each other.

The time for casual dating is when you are preparing for your baby. You are co-parenting and preparing for the future. Start dating right now so that you can create an environment where he can learn about love and compassion and trust.

Don’t be afraid to share your concerns and dreams with him. Let him know what you think of his attitude toward life and people. Share your opinions and your worries and concerns. Let him know that you are not afraid to voice your opinion and that he should listen to you. If he listens to you, he will be a person who you can open up to. He will be a person who will love unconditionally – all of his life.

He does not deserve to be hurt. Your job as a mother is to be his best friend. Let him know how much he means to you and how special he is to you.

He does not deserve to be alone. When you are done with your baby, take him with you for the day. Take him with you for lunch. Let him feel your support and encouragement.