Car key insurance is a necessity, not just for your peace of mind, but also for your car and its parts. This is because when it comes to lost or stolen cars, the car keys are irreplaceable. Insurance policies generally insure against loss of keys. To protect this valuable tool, most car insurance providers offer a key replacement feature. To add on to this already present coverage, you’d need to shell out little extra expenses too.

car key insurance

If you ever lose your car keys altogether and require new ones; the insurance firm would pay for the expense, even when you’ve already got this included in your existing policy. If you’ve lost them, then you can get your keys replaced by calling up your car key insurance provider and inquiring about a reimbursement. They will assist you by replacing the lost keys at no charge. You may also choose to send in a claim form to make a reimbursement possible.

Replacement of lost or stolen car keys is usually free but there may be certain circumstances where it would be billed. The amount you’ll be charged will depend on a number of factors such as the type of the keys you’ve lost, their age and the value of the car. It’s true that the key replacements from your provider will be free but you might end up paying for the service. If you’re looking to make use of this insurance facility, try to send in a claim form so that you can be reimbursed for the expense.

Many providers usually offer key insurance coverage up to a certain limit, which means they’ll replace the lost or stolen locks in case they get damaged. It’s definitely best to keep your pockets in good condition. With the many locks that are available, choosing the right one for you and the right locksmith could mean the difference between being locked out of your own home and having valuable valuables safe and secured. As soon as you lock out, it’s important to find the solution fast. Don’t waste time and money on trying to fix it on your own as you may just make matters worse.

Not every car insurance policy provides coverage if you’re unlucky enough to lose the keys either during a theft or damage. For this reason, it’s a good idea to get the best key protection add-ons to protect you in this case. There are various suppliers offering key protection add-ons such as recovering lost or damaged keys. Some may even replace the whole lock if it gets damaged.

A high quality key protection add-on will usually offer two options; one is an intercom for emergencies and the other is a panic button installed in the socket. This ensures you can immediately notify emergency services that have been called about your car if your vehicle becomes inaccessible. In the case of a panic button, it enables you to call emergency services yourself so that help can be dispatched straight away. Although this may sound a little intrusive, it’s a great way to reduce the stress levels of owners whose cars are always parked in a secure location.

One of the easiest ways to reduce your premium is to ensure you use a reputable locksmith when you lose car keys. You should look for a locksmith who offers both keyless entry systems and comprehensive insurance for the exact same service. Most companies won’t specialise in one of these however so make sure you check before you commit. Although this option isn’t usually available with standard policies, many insurers offer a discount if you choose to have both services provided by one company. This means you may be able to make use of cheaper premiums.

There are lots of factors involved when it comes to choosing the right lockset provider. The most important step is to identify what will be the most suitable solution for your needs. Remember that your insurance company is unlikely to replace the socket if it’s deemed to be completely loss or damaged, so consider what steps you need to take to ensure your investment is protected in the event of a future lock out.