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I Feel Pretty Again

One day a very plain, ordinary looking girl goes to the mirror and realizes that she feels pretty. An ordinary woman who struggles constantly with feelings of inadequacy and insecurity on a day to day basis wakes up in the morning and immediately believes that she has become the most beautiful and selfless person in the world. However, with this newfound confidence, once she steps out into the world, what happens when she discovers that her looks never changed? How does she handle this new level of success in life?

You probably think I don’t need to tell you that you feel pretty once you achieve your goal. You probably think that all you have to do is wake up, have a good breakfast, put on some nice clothing, get yourself a haircut and you will be on your way. While this is very much true for many women, there are some women who continue to struggle with their appearance. It could be because they are born with ugly features or it could be due to the fact that they just let their looks control them.

To regain your self-confidence and feel pretty again, you first need to pinpoint the cause for your problem. You may not realize that you aren’t pretty because you have an excess amount of fat or you have cellulite on your body. You may not realize that you are not pretty because your skin is too dry or too oily. Maybe your hair is too frizzy or you have too many split ends. No matter what the reason is for your issue, you need to find a solution to eliminate these issues before you can truly feel beautiful.

When you discover that you do indeed feel pretty, it can alter your behavior for the better. If you don’t believe that you look good, you will act like you don’t. This can lead to an even further lowered self-confidence and your beauty can severely be affected if you don’t take action quickly.

So what can you do to actually feel pretty again? Well there are plenty of ways. One way is to visit your family doctor and see if there is an underlying medical reason that you are not feeling as confident as you once did. If there is nothing wrong medically, it is likely that you just need some more guidance in how you feel about yourself.

It is also possible that you are just letting yourself go because you are not feeling pretty anymore. The truth is, no one wants to feel unattractive and if you want to have a healthy self confidence and a beautiful body, then you must work at it on a daily basis. No one else can do it for you because you were born with everything that you need to be beautiful, but you can. No one can do it for you faster than you can do it.

One of the best ways to start feeling confident again is to find the things that make you happy. When you start to focus on things that make you happy, you can find that you will be happier overall. If you are always focused on the things that make you sad, you will only feel worse about yourself and it will get worse before it gets better. Instead of being upset about things, focus on the things that make you happy. You will see a great improvement in your self-confidence in the process.

If you want to feel pretty again, there are plenty of things that you can do. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, young or old, or even if you think that you are ugly. Just make sure that you take action today! You can feel pretty again.