Inglid Andress is a new project from singer/songwriter Ingrid Bergman that she’s working on with her friend, actress, and director, Mats Wallander. The album is expected to be a collaborative effort between the two. The name of the album itself is a play on words, as Ingrid is inspired by many things both in her personal life and also things she’s observed while on assignment. If you’re interested in what exactly this new musical project By Inglid Andress is about, and where it’s headed, continue to read on…

ingrid andress

Inglid is a twenty-something-year-old country music singer who lives in California. A former member of the country music choir, she has created a following for herself through her excellent vocal talent and high pop songs. Her dream career was once to become a country music singer like Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift, but now she instead wants to focus on recording music that will be appealing to a wide variety of listeners. Inglid decided to take a break from her vocal career to start working on her own album. What comes out of this endeavor will be her first full-fledged studio album in years.

We can expect many classic songs on Inglid Andress. She has chosen some songs that will make fans swoon and get excited about her upcoming album. “Give Me the Reason” is one of the songs she’s picked out for the project, and it’s the best country music song we’ve heard from her in quite some time. It just has a great tone to it, and it’s something that’s sure to make anyone who loves country music fans happy.

I Just Want to Get Away is also another great song that’s in the works for I Guess I’m Lost Again by Inglid Andress. The first single from her forthcoming album will be an excellent alternative to the usual country singer-songstress flicks that seem to be dominating the market right now. “I Just Want to Get Away” could even end up going top three on the country charts. That’s how promising a debut single can be, and Inglid definitely has the makings of a hit single.

Pollack also has some great songs written to go along with I Just Want to Get Away. One of them, “Don’t Worry,” is a ballad which will make its way to the top of the list shortly. He also wrote “The Only Way You’ll Know” as well. If you’re a fan of rockabilly, then you’ll probably love “Love is in the air.” Inglid and Pollack have also recorded a duet version of “Honey, I’m Honey.”

Ingrid was thrilled when she learned she’d be working with Ingrid Orrell on her debut album. She knew right then that she wanted to be the main vocalist. Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, but she knew that she wanted to be involved in the songwriting process, which she had started with Ingrid Pollack. She shared her ideas with Pollack about the songwriting process and asked him what he thought about it. They struck up a deal to do a songwriting together and Ingrid began writing the new song.

The rest is history. “I Just Want to Get Away” eventually went to number one on the country chart and quickly followed that up with the equally successful” Pandemic Hit.” A&R artist Andy Beyer signed up for sessions with Ingrid and Pollack in Nashville and they recorded a handful of songs together before breaking up. When Ingrid decided she needed a recording deal, she decided to launch her career with a publishing deal with Cia Music Publishing.

Ingrassns definitely has a way with words and she sings with passion and purpose. Her songs are very positive and tell stories of love and faith. Ingrid is so positive that even if you disagree with her, you can’t help but smile and you can smile because she’s beautiful. If you’re a fan of positive songs and love to sing them, then you will absolutely love all that Ingrid Andress has to say on her debut album. Her music will reach out to millions of people and will cause a new generation of Christian musicians to take their music worldwide.