icona pop

Icona Pop is a Swedish electropop duo formed in 2009. Their music blends elements of electro house and indie pop, as described by the Swedish press. Their members include Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo. Both hail from Stockholm, Sweden. Their music has been described as “stunning and ethereal,” and “danceable,” by the Swedish press. Read on to discover more about their sound and how to catch their music.

You’re Free

You’re Free is the newest release from Icona Pop and Ultra Nate, the iconic duo who brought you hits like “Emergency” and “I Love It.” This song is a tribute to one of Ultra Nate’s most famous songs, ‘Free.’ This song is the 25th anniversary of this classic song. With the help of the new producers, Icona Pop have given this song a fresh take.

Icona Pop and Ultra Nate have reworked the 1997 hit “Free.” The new track, “You’re Free,” marks the anniversary of the original song’s release. The singer opens up to CelebMix in an exclusive interview, discussing everything from her upcoming tours to performing in a live show. ‘You’re Free’ is an album-level collaboration, so expect it to be a hit with fans.

In addition to “You’re Free,” the Icona Pop duo has released two new singles. “Miracle” was released earlier this year and features Ultra Nate on the chorus. The track’s upbeat feel will surely make it a crowd favorite in clubs. And Ultra Nate is thrilled to be working with the Swedish duo. Icona Pop reimagined “Free” to make it more modern, while Ultra Nate added a contemporary twist.

You’re Free is a reimagining of Nate’s “Free”

It’s been 25 years since the release of the dance classic ‘Free,’ by Ultra Nate. Now, Icona Pop has reimagined the song for her newest single, ‘You’re Free’. The pop star duo collaborated with the legendary singer and producer, Ultra Nate, to create a modern-day remix of the classic tune.

The new single celebrates the artist’s 30th anniversary in gaming and the success of his iconic song. It was an instant global hit and became part of almost everyone’s life story. The song has also inspired countless “unofficial bootlegs”.

The new single is a tribute to Ultra Nate, a DJ, record producer, promoter, and singer known for his 90s dance anthems. Some of his most well-known hits include “I Love It,” which he previously collaborated with Charli XCX on. The song will be available on June 17th, perfect for a summer concert or a Black Music Month event.