The last day of Jazz Fest is finally done and the week is finally over and everybody are disappointed because Jazz Fest 2019 is finally over and so are the bitter memories of this year. This year’s Jazz Fest was filled with disappointments, surprises and controversy but in the end it was a great success and it is safe to say that disappointments did not ruin it for too long. Jazz lovers can breathe a sigh of relief after listening to their favorite music for an entire week straight. And for those who were disappointed, well, it surely made for great stories to tell!

jazz fest 2019

Jazz Festival in New Orleans is Jazz Fest’s signature event. Each year from Jazz Fest, fans can expect a new act to join the lineup and a new jazz fusion to wow audiences. With the advent of Jazz Fest, Louisiana has been known not only as a state full of musical talent but also a place where history is made and new ideas are given shape. Jazz Fest in New Orleans marks the 20th year of the Jazz Festival and this year is set to be the fiercest one yet. Here are some of the things that we can look forward to in New Orleans during the jazz fest.

There will be many prominent personalities of the jazz world attending the jazz fest in New Orleans during its second year. Some of the more prominent figures who have been confirmed to attend include Will Smith, Glen Campbell, Donteon Lewis-steen, Eddie Cochran, Mary Lewis and back-up band The Temptations. Another very important celebrity whose presence is being widely predicted is that of Oprah Winfrey who along with her hubby Will Smith is also scheduled to make the trip.

When we talk about jazz festivals, New Orleans always holds dear to the memory of the first jazz festival that was organized here almost 25 years ago. This was organized by the then New Orleans mayor, Huey P. Long. Since that time the jazz festival in New Orleans has gained great popularity and is still regarded as one of the best events of its kind. This means that whether it is the second installment of a jazz festival or the twenty-fifth annual event; New Orleans always puts on something amazing that will surely please audiences from all over the world.

Jazz festivals are not only about jazz music, but they also include different forms of music and dance that are related to jazz. There are jazz workshops conducted that enable budding jazz singers and musicians to develop their skills. At the same time there are also workshops that help budding jazz guitarists to polish their skills and to learn various tips and techniques related to playing the instrument.

The Jazz Festival in New Orleans takes place during the period of August to September every year. During this time the city transforms into a jovial atmosphere and is filled with jazz enthusiasts from all over the world. Jazz lovers from all around the world travel to New Orleans just to attend these jazz festivals. Attending any of the jazz festival in New Orleans is a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be compared to anywhere else in the world.

While there are numerous jazz festivals, New Orleans Jazz Festival is the most prestigious of them all. Since its inception in August 1977, this jazz festival has seen attendance numbers that have always surpassed those of jazz festivals elsewhere in the world. This makes the Jazz Festival in New Orleans the most popular jazz festival of the entire world. Music lovers from across the globe can book tickets online through Jazz Festivals New Orleans website.

Jazz lovers from across the globe can get tickets for this jazz festival at discounted prices if they book tickets well in advance. To make sure that you miss out on this opportunity to experience jazz to the fullest, make sure you book your ticket well in advance. Jazz fans will not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see their favorite musician live. Make sure you are ready to ring in the New Year by attending one of these jazz festivals.