Keyword Stats for SEO is a great way to see how much traffic your keywords are attracting. If you are not using this valuable tool, than you are missing out on information that can save you hours of lost traffic. Keyword stats allows you to view search term frequency, average searches per month, and competitive keywords that people are using to drive traffic to your site.

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Let’s look at how to get the most out of your keywords. The first step is being aware of the keywords that bring you the most traffic. This can be done by looking at your domain names. Are they showing up in the top 10% of search phrases? Use the free tools on the internet such as Google AdWords, Keyword Elite, and Wordtracker and see how many keywords per month these domain names are showing up in.

Next you want to check out the competition for each of your main keywords. It might not be obvious right away which keywords are bringing in the most traffic, but once you are able to analyze this traffic you will know which ones you should focus on using. If your competition is giving you good traffic, but you are not raking in the profits you should be cutting back on your keywords and using more targeted content. Using too many general terms in your articles could cause your ranking to slip.

Once you have found the keywords that are bringing you the most traffic, you need to take a closer look at the competition. Is it worth your while to invest in optimizing for these keywords? If so, what kind of changes can you make? Some marketers choose to downplay the importance of their keywords. They assume that they will just naturally do well with a good keyword phrase, and they will not have to worry about competing with other sites that are using high quality keywords.

Sometimes that is not the case. Sometimes, there are just other factors that make optimization more difficult for a certain term or keyword. One of those factors is how many pages are linking to a given page. If your competition has lots of links going to their site, you might want to think twice about focusing on those keywords. Maybe there are other keywords that will do as well, even though those keywords aren’t as popular.

Another great way to check up on your competition is by checking out the average cost per click for each of their keywords. Obviously, if you are paying less per click than someone else who is promoting the exact same product or service, you need to adjust your tactics accordingly. If they are giving you very cheap keywords, but they are only getting a very small percentage of that click through, chances are good you are losing out on more money than you are making.

Now you need to find some good tools that will allow you to see how much each keyword is really doing. There are a couple of good free tools that you can use, and they are quite simple to use. You just input the URL of the page you want to look at in the box above the campaign results, and then you just copy the code from the competition. This is important because you want to see how effective each keyword is, and not how many competitors are paying per click for that particular keyword. Obviously, you don’t want to pay too much if you are not getting any traffic, so this will give you an idea of how many other people are bidding on those keywords.

If you keep your eyes open when it comes to searching, you will start to notice trends in the amount of traffic being driven to any given keywords. When you notice changes like this, you can start to make adjustments in the future to start getting more traffic for your campaigns. Remember, the goal is to be the first to have your ad in front of a user’s browser. If your competitors are getting tons of traffic, it is no mystery that you are probably losing out on potential sales as well. Make sure you don’t take any shortcuts by neglecting keywords, and you will notice an increase in your search engine rankings.