The second film in the highly popular Kingsman franchise stars Tom Hanks as double agent sent into Middle Eastern society by the British government. He works with his American counter-part, played by Brad Pitt, to protect the life of their employer and to help regain peace in their country. As an agent he is put in charge of dealing with agents of the British spy agency known as the Service. These include his own father, an agent who turns against him, a terrorist organization and many others.

While Kingsman 2: Director Matthew Vaughn has already stated that there will be a sequel, nothing has been official yet. In the meantime fans can’t get enough of this brilliant film that’s sure to be a box office smash when it opens in theaters on March 14th. But that’s not all that can be said for this film. This first film is quite different from the second, in many ways and that is why this article will discuss the latter.

This is a great movie from start to finish as its main storyline takes place during World War II where the world is in the midst of war. Kingsman 2 follows the story of Dr. Ian McQueen (Hanks), a Scottish surgeon who travels to the Middle East to work as a medical expert. During this time period he comes across an underground movement of terrorist cells that are operating from the shadows. He also comes across a mysterious woman ( Typhin) and they start to work together while helping to bring down the worst terrorists in the world.

Another interesting aspect of Kingsman 2: Annotation is the fact that it includes a very young Matthew McConaughey. This is a guy who has only just started to play an important character in movies, let alone one like this. I have a hard time imagining him not reprise his role as Agent provocateur in future films such as this, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t add anything of substance to this film. He plays the part of a dangerous bad boy, and when he’s not on screen you can tell that he’s doing something he regrets.

This film is not exactly a horror film, but that is what the name suggests. Instead it’s more than that with a little bit of comedy thrown in for good measure. Kingsman 2 is a far cry from the first film, and in many ways echos the second film a little bit. For instance, the villain is now named Scar, and instead of the bright green color that was featured in the first film, we have a blue color instead.

The biggest surprise in Kingsman 2 is how the first film did not perform at all. While the plot was fantastic, it failed to grab audiences, and in the end it was a complete flop. With this film the filmmakers make a determined effort to redeem themselves by including some great action scenes, and upgrading the storyline. The climax of the film has everyone in stitches, and the fights between the good guys and the evil villains are some of the best that the movie has to offer. The fight scenes are seamless, and look like true Hollywood action.

Mike Egan seems to be in better form as an actor now, and that shows when he plays the role of Dr. Max Firth. This is also his first chance to shine as a leading man, and he comes across as a true leading man in this film. The storyline is improved, and the acting is much better. No one comes short when it comes to this film, and it is a definite must-see film for anyone that has not seen the first Kingsman. If you haven’t seen it, then you definitely need to see it…

The movie is definitely tongue-in-cheek, and that’s a good thing. There is no real plot, and there’s no real substance – it’s purely entertainment. Kingsman 2: The Sequel is a fantastic film, and those that haven’t seen the first should definitely go see it before the reviews start to turn up about how mediocre the film actually is!