The first day of the New Year always means one thing for me and that is a feeling of excitement and a desire to do something. It is my desire to make a positive change in our family and to be an example for my children and grandchildren. As I look back on yesterday, it seems like it was just like yesterday. We had our ups and downs but that’s what life is all about. The challenges and difficulties that we can face head-on and we must each choose how we will deal with them and how we will learn from them.

yesterday 2019

Let me give you some examples of how we dealt with yesterday and how we can deal with tomorrow. My mother had passed when I was ten years old, so I never got to truly appreciate what she had done in her short lifetime. I was lucky to have parents who supported me financially and provided a great home and a safe place for me to grow up. They encouraged me to become independent and to follow my dreams.

Today, as I reflect back on yesterday, I realize that my mom did not give up on her dream and she reached the end goal of adulthood. That is more than any woman could say or have ever achieved in her lifetime. She had a dream to become a school teacher and accomplish that goal. She had a fear that she would not be able to achieve it due to a medical condition. She learned how to conquer those fears and how to move forward despite obstacles.

A close friend of mine overcame the same obstacles that I faced and he moved on with his life. He married, had children and traveled the world. I’m very proud of him because he made a promise to himself and to his family that he would go down this road no matter what. One day he told me that he felt like yesterday’s memory was slipping away from him. He reminded himself that yesterday he had won the battle and he was never going to allow yesterday’s failure to stop him from taking his destiny into his own hands tomorrow.

Do you want your dream to come true and make your dreams come true? Do you want to accomplish your goals and have an abundant life? Do you want to know how to get exactly what you want from life? The power of yesterday can be yours if you are willing to let go of yesterday and move forward into the future.

A simple way for you to remember yesterday is to think about the good things that happened to you yesterday. Think about the good thing that you did and how you gained something from it. Think about the learning experience and how you gained from it. If you find that it’s too much thinking about yesterday, try painting a picture of your life in the present time frame and focus all your attention on that one thing.

Remember the most important lesson of yesterday: Do what you love. Stop trying to change the world or someone else. Stop trying to build your net worth or your career. Just be who you are today and count all the blessings that you have received from yesterday.

Let your energy shine through. Turn yesterday into today. Use the past to help guide you into the future. If you are still looking for a reason to complain, find one negative thing in everything and let it go. You are worthy of so much more and it’s never too late to start creating a better tomorrow.