The Maze Runner franchise by Suzanne Collins is based on a series of books written by Thomas Harris. The books are about a young boy who finds himself trapped in a maze with demons chasing him all throughout. The series has become one of the most successful movies of recent years, and the film adaptation has been made into a TV series as well. As such, the cast for the film has become one of the biggest that you’ll find.

maze runner cast

Of course, many of the famous names from the Twilight Zone have been involved. Edward Cullen is one of the returning characters from the first film, Twilight. Isabelle Adjie is another. She plays Jasmine, a girl with a mysterious past, which the movie explores. Jacob Lofland is called back to the role of a young sheriff, after being off-screen for quite some time, and also happens to be one of the major characters.

Many of the main players from the first film are back for the second, as well. Dylan O’Brien plays Thomas, a still young police officer that is partnered with rookies Taylor Kitsch and Kaya Scodelario. Giancarlo Esposito is called back as Frypan and is joined by Ki Hong Lee as Thomas’s friend and love interest, Kayla. Aidan Gillen is also joining the cast as Newt, one of the new students at the police academy.

New characters are introduced constantly as well, many of which become important later in the series. Gatlin runs afoul of several of the established characters and is often found badly injured. Gatlin also becomes quite popular as a mentor and teacher and is well liked by many of the other characters, especially Taylor Kitsch. He teaches a course in advanced genetics and witchcraft to the students, teaching them much about controlling their own bodies and minds.

Thomas is soon kidnapped and is taken to a place where he meets his latest victim – a human girl. There he meets Runia, a girl who has been transformed into a monster, due to a curse laid upon her by a rival tribe of witches. She threatens to kill Thomas if he does not hand over his sword to her. At this point in the series, the novel starts to descend into fantasy, as the reader is drawn into imagining what could happen to Thomas, and the others that he comes across. In one scene, Thomas finds himself trapped on a desert island and is saved by someone who identifies him as a son of God.

The Maze Runner series is set many thousands of years in the future, during a time when a massive comet is heading towards earth. As the comet is headed towards earth, many powerful things start to align themselves against it. A massive army, made up of humans, creatures from another world and machines, is led by a woman known as Glinda who tries to manipulate everyone to do her bidding. The humans join with Glinda, and with help from some other characters, the army manages to defeat the comet. With help from a group of new people, the team is able to defeat Glinda once and for all, and prevent the destruction of the earth.

However, as the series continues, some of the themes from the first novel are brought up, such as fear and evil. There are some very dark and moody scenes, especially towards the end of the book. This dark and moody atmosphere is somewhat removed from the films and is taken away for the sequel. Some of the cast has also changed, with some of the characters being dead in the first film. However, the spirit of Thomas, the main character remains intact, along with most of the supporting cast, including Dopey, Newt and Martin. It is interesting to see where some of the old characters went, as they all took on new roles in the second film.

The Maze Runner series is based on a huge mythology, which has been developed over the course of the movies. Hopefully the new book will continue the tale well and bring back the feeling we had at the beginning of the series. It’s a fast-paced and imaginative book, written in a way that it is easy to follow and enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future! Check out the new book, and be sure to read the first one, if you haven’t already done so!