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Movies and Films to Look Out For

It seems that now that Hollywood is in the midst of producing movies again, the subjects they choose to focus on are always topical. The big question is whether or not the upcoming slate of films will be worthy of the Oscar Awards and critical acclaim that are sure to follow. Here is a look at some of the most interesting films set to hit theaters in the fall.

This film stars Tom Hanks as Lloyd Christmas, a lovable but misguided dog who returns home to star as a different kind of dog in this latest film. Lloyd Christmas (Hanks) returns home after being away on a fishing expedition, where he gets into trouble with a local sheriff (groan!). After being transported back to his old digs (a trailer home in the middle of nowhere), Christmas runs into a series of weird events that leads him to investigate the sheriff’s actions, which also leads him on a wild goose chase that takes him all over the country. As Christmas searches for answers to his questions about why his life has become so messed up, he begins to encounter a string of murders that seem to be occurring at random. Adding to the bizarre circumstances, Christmas is also forced to deal with the ghosts of his past victims as well.

An action packed and very entertaining film starring Russell Crowe as an escaped convict turned FBI agent Kevin Costner gives us another dose of ex-cons who are given a second chance at redemption. As he tries to re-create the good side of his past, he must reconcile with some old friends who have become bad people through the course of their association with Costner. The late Vincent Van Gogh was among those artists who knew Crowe well, and his death inspired Costner to produce this film. The plot involves a plot that travels from the present day to another time and place…

This movie just had to make this list, as it makes sense as to why. It is directed by none other than Quentin Tarantino (of the Pulp Fiction and films in the 90s). The plot centers on a corrupt government official named Jeffries who is in charge of a sting that involves a pair of hit men who are out to get revenge on someone they think tried to kill them. The movie is based on the life of the hit man’s best friend, played by Robert Duvall. The supporting cast also includes Christoph Waltz, Tim Burton, and Mickey Rourke. What more could you want?

This movie just had to make this list because of the star studded cast. Who wouldn’t want to see Tom Cruise as Jack Sparrow? What could make that happen? The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise started out with one film, but the following three have taken it over with a bang. The next one, aptly named Caribbean, looks like a spin off of the first movie, but it turns out not to be as dark and gritty. Instead, it is much lighter and more fun to watch.

One film that was actually released around the same time as Pirates of the Caribbean, which is Barbossa! stars Chris Evans as a British officer in the Caribbean who falls in love with a local girl. Evangeline Maria portrays Barbossa, who wants to return home to England after her marriage to Captain Hook (JJ Barker). The two are joined by another Englishman, played by Graham Greene, and a Mexican treasure hunter played by Pedro Sardo.

Another exciting film to look out for is The Shape of Water. This film stars Anne Hathaway, Kevin Spacey, and Dabney Coleman as a group of scientists who are sent on a top-secret mission to find a mysterious underwater structure. Their plan is to explore what lies beneath the water, but their safe passage gets flipped when the facility suddenly goes on a lock down due to an explosion.

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to movies and films to watch for the next several months. Who knows what will be popular? Right now, it appears as if The Shape of Water will continue to fly off the shelves. Find your favorite film and pay attention to the upcoming releases listed above. This could just be one of the best films of the year!