My Pets Insurance is a veterinary pet plan that provides coverage for your pets at the same time. Unlike other veterinary plans, it does not provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, medications, routine services or diagnostic procedures. There are many benefits available to you and your beloved pet. The plan reimburses 80% of the veterinarian costs and offers pet owners financial flexibility by setting the deductible amount and frequency of veterinary visits.

As pet owners, we want the best care possible for our four-legged friends. It is important that pet owners understand their pet’s medical history, including chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity and congenital defects. Mypetinsurance helps you manage your pet’s healthcare expenses in the case of emergency or major medical problems. Your pet can be covered for up to twelve months of veterinary costs, regardless of the severity of the condition. Pre-existing conditions are also covered by the plan, which provides significant coverage for spaying or neutering, dental care, pet surgeries and major medical procedures.

Mypetinsurance helps you manage your pet’s healthcare expenses in the case of emergency or major medical care. In addition to covering veterinarian costs, my pet insurance reimburses you for in-home pet care including visits to your animal hospital or vet. This includes pet medication and consultation fees. You can choose the level of coverage you need, including daily or emergency care. There are no age limits or exclusions and the policy will cover costs of diagnostic procedures.

There are three levels of coverage provided by my pet insurance provider. These include A, B and C. The type of coverage you select will depend upon the extent of your commitment to take care of your pet and the cost of health insurance for animals. At higher levels of coverage, you will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses up to an annual maximum. The annual maximum amount is typically equal to the monthly cost of care for one adult cat or dog.

A deductible is the amount you pay when you first purchase a policy and it is refundable when you visit the veterinary office or the provider mentioned in your quote. If you visit the physician a few times during the year, your deductible could be six hundred dollars or more. The higher the number of times you visit the doctor, the higher your annual maximum reimbursement amount will be. Mypetinsurance allows you to choose a higher deductible in order to lower your monthly premium.

The second part of my pet insurance plans is the deductible. Your monthly premium is based on how much the insurance provider estimates you will spend in veterinarian fees over the course of a year. The lower the estimate, the higher your monthly premium will be. Mypetinsurance uses a special discount calculator to estimate your potential savings. After you adjust the deductible for the level of coverage you require, your pet health insurance plans can provide benefits that exceed the cost of care by up to two hundred percent.

There are two types of myprexisting conditions that are covered under myprexisting conditions. They are listed as “existing conditions only” and “existing or potential conditions.” As with deductibles, the higher your pre-existing condition, the higher your premiums will be. For example, a fifty-year-old retired female has been fit and healthy for five years. If this woman were to develop any chronic health condition, her monthly premiums would be much higher than if she had no pre-existing conditions.

Mypetinsurance provides many of the same benefits as many of the leading commercial pet insurance plans. It covers wellness visits, diagnostic tests, vaccinations, annual exams, annual physicals, and annual preventative care. My pet insurance plans offer coverage for spaying and neutering as well as heart worm testing. The policy will also cover your pet in case it is injured or handicapped while in your care. This comprehensive policy covers your pet in every way that you want it to.