My pet insurance was supposed to be a great idea, but I quickly discovered that it was nothing more than a piece of paper. The fact that I even had to deal with it was a complete travesty. The website provided by My Pet Insurance had no online calculator tool, no up-to-date claim forms and absolutely no electronic signature option. I have since left this site, as they are totally ineffective and a complete rip off.


I also discovered that their claims processing took forever, sometimes they would take over an hour! I could not believe that they would allow this to happen, but it did. You can imagine the frustration that was put me into when I tried to fill out the paper forms that they provided and the entire thing became an ordeal. I just could not believe that they would make such poor choices when it came to managing my money, especially considering that they would try to sell me their “electronic signature” service for such a small price.

Luckily, there are other companies out there that are a lot better than My Pet Insurance. For example PetMall provides a whole line of products besides their pet insurance such as dog kennels, dog accessories, pet food, etc. They are also completely electronic and only require you to input your credit card information once. This is a very good thing, especially when trying to manage such a large amount of cash on hand.

There are other human health insurance providers out there that do not seem to realize that people need to be able to cover all of their medical expenses. Even my dog has a toothache now and she needs medication today. She is scheduled for x-rays and an appointment for a vet soon. What will the vet bill cover? Are there any coverage provided through her preexisting conditions insurance plan? As long as it is not a preexisting condition, she should be covered.

One of the best things that I have seen in the last couple of years is the difference that these insurance providers make when it comes to covering major medical treatment. A few years ago, my wife had a yeast infection and needed oral antibiotics to treat it. As it was a recurring issue, it was covered under our family plan. We were quite excited! Unfortunately, about a month later, we discovered that we were not covered for this particular treatment because it was deemed to be “urgent”.

Now, my wife is scheduled for a hip replacement and needs a surgical catheter to replace one that was removed as well. These are all “urgent” conditions. Why did our pet insurance company suddenly decide that these two procedures are less urgent than our dog’s urgent infection? It appears that our pet insurance claim was not a valid claim since it was not an “urgent health care condition”.

The other time that our insurance provider made a mistake that was a critical error was when they set our deductible at a higher amount than the amount that our veterinarian charges for our pet’s annual health care visits. The deductible is an amount that we pay in advance before the insurance provider pays anything. This amount is usually based on the age of the animal. However, the deductible for our furry friend was $1,500. This was far higher than our veterinarian charges for annual physicals and vaccinations.

Now, we have found a company that covers our canine friend in addition to our cat (we have two). The premiums are lower than we were paying on both accounts and we have better coverage in case of emergencies and major medical cases. We are happy to have found such a good company that we feel very confident with our choices. Our four-legged friend continues to enjoy the peace of mind that she now enjoys as well as the peace of mind that a pet health plan can provide. When you consider all of the savings you can make, along with the peace of mind that your animals are covered in case of emergency, it makes sense to look into a mypetinsurance policy.