The singer who fronted the band The 1975 has been busy. In fact, she’s been so busy, that fans have started making suggestions on what she’s up to all this time. So, what’s she doing right now? And what’s she not doing?

billie eilish new album

We’ve already seen her working out at a gym, but has she worked on writing new material? One fan posted:” ” ” “Scrolling though twitter trying to spot something new Billie Eilish’s new record. She looked like she was in the middle of doing the deed but wasn’t actually.”

Is it true that she’s been doing the “little things” lately to promote her album? Back in October, she was snapped by photographers at a Los Angeles recording studio, practicing her new songs for the cameras. The captioned photo read: “Billie Ealing gets serious about taking pictures of herself while working out. Her face looks terrific in the middle of a crunch. I am very excited for the album. #billsessions.”

Eilishes has certainly been keeping busy. A few weeks ago, she was spotted at a New York Fashion Week party, rocking a new Fendi bag. A few days later, the singer was spotted at the Fashion Institute of America (FIA) in Manhattan. Then, in early November, she was spotted again at an airport in New York, presumably taking some time off from her “Billie Jean” tour. And now, she’s back on tour, this time with the American band LCD.

So, how are you following up on the massive success of Billie Jean? In a word: by keeping it simple. “I think that the best thing about this album is that we didn’t try to do too much,” the singer tells Rolling Stone. “I think that people will be pleasantly surprised with the way that the album sounds. We tried to keep it simple.”

While many artists brag about their chart-topping hits, few get to brag about crafting an album that sells like crazy and is instantly downloadable on every iPod and iPhone in the world. When you think about it, LCD’s self-titled album is a masterpiece. It contains nothing but Eilishes best work to date. In fact, it might just be the greatest selling self-titled album ever.

For those of you who haven’t heard of LCD Soundproof, the Canadian trio consists of front liner rappersials Noah “swer” Lewis and Prodigy. They met in grade school and have been inseparable ever since. “We’re not exactly a new band,” says Noah, “but we are a new band that have been together for five years. We’ve been playing for audiences all over the world since we were 16.”

The band originally wanted to make an album that was solely a sound experiment. “We wanted to write about everything that we were feeling and not focus on one genre or one sound,” says Noah. “We wanted to write about our everyday lives as musicians and not about making music.” His sentiments are spot on; LCD is an emotional, honest and heartfelt band. This will probably be their last album, so it’s sure to be a good one.

Noah “went through a lot of emotions when we finished the record,” says Billy. “The biggest one was, like always, learning new things about the band and ourselves. But it wasn’t hard to put it aside because we’re a band that can do what we want to do.”

He continues, “The only people who get in our way are other artists and press. When we set out to make an album, we wanted to make something real. So we went through every aspect of music and into the creative process. We talked to experts and practiced until we felt comfortable. Once we were in a place where we felt confident, we were able to turn that into songs.”

This coming album, titled Memories, will most likely be different from anything anyone has heard from LCD. The band feels that they’ve achieved a lot of success by listening to the world and going back to their roots. “I think we have gone further than any band has ever gone,” Billy explains. “We made our own sound and really made a statement with this record. We don’t write our own music and we haven’t been influenced by anybody.

He continues, “This is about us. It’s not about being a new band. It’s about being real and connecting with what we are. It’s more personal than any of our previous records. That’s what makes it so different and more fun.”