For anyone who is familiar with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Aquaman is the comic book adaptation of these characters. One of the most exciting things about this new film is that it will feature an original character, a sea captain whom has the ability to shape shift into any form he needs to be in. The fact that he is an empath and has the telepathic link to other people makes him a unique character.

aquaman film

The film will be directed by James Wan, the man responsible for the Saw series. He is the one responsible for the original conception of the idea for the character. After production had begun, Wan wanted to make a different superhero movie and decided that an underwater adventure was a good concept. This led him andducers to decide to create an ensemble cast that would include Jason Momoa as the lead role, Diego Luna as his daughter, Pearl Harbor’s Assistant and Aida Turturro as his wife.

While some have suggested that the casting is too full of white faces and not divers enough, I think that is rather silly considering the depth of the subject. Another thing that can be considered a negative is the costume design. A lot of online discussion has focused on the idea that the costumes on the screen appear very flat. I think this criticism is unfounded because Aquaman looks much better when he is diving. Besides, even if he is underwater, he is still a muscle man wearing a blue costume.

One other thing that may be overlooked is the writing in the film. One fan wrote that the script for the film is poor and that they added more scenes that weren’t necessary. Regardless of this complaint, I think Aquaman is quite dashing and will appeal to the younger audiences that the main film will probably be targeting. I also think that a lot of the disappointment with the original incarnation of Aquaman was due to bad acting and poor script. I think that either the actor or the director should take responsibility for this.

The marketing campaign is also lagging behind its competitors. Nobody is talking about the movie’s trailers or posters and there is no sign of any additional footage being shown at any premiere screenings. This is a shame because the trailers look really good. I am also not sure how much of a boost they are going to give the film outside of the trailers. Hopefully this will turn around as the film gets closer to release.

One other thing that seems to worry me is that we aren’t seeing a ton of female representation in this film. Women have been fighting to be included in superhero roles for years now, but they seem to get shut out by studios that produce only “big” films. That said, I am happy to see that the producers of Aquaman are giving a female-driven superhero movie the attention it deserves. Hopefully we will start to see more of this.

If you are new to comic book movies, you should definitely try Aquaman. It is one of the easiest to follow and I really like how they portrayed this character. There is humor, adventure, and romance throughout the entire film. Aquaman is a great family film that just hit theaters recently.

Hopefully we get an early look at Ben Affleck as Aquaman or at least some scenes from the film. He is without a doubt one of the best actors to play the role and I am excited to see what he does. I am also looking forward to seeing how he does in the film. He has done well with his roles in movies like Batman and won an Oscar for his role as Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight.