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New Comedy Movies to Watch on DVD Right Now!

There is a lot that goes into making a new comedy movie. From casting to developing to writing the script and of course, everything in between, it’s a long and complicated process. One thing is for sure, if you’re going to make a comedy, you better start working on it now, while it’s still in the development stages because you won’t find many releases until the fall. Here are some of the latest buzzworthy comedy movies released this summer.

If you loved Kingpin, you’ll love Black Rain. The film revolves around a blind hit man who returns home one day to find his family dead in the bathtub. With the untrustworthy and extremely rich boss baby (Kevin Dunn) alive, the hit man sets out to clear his father’s, relatives and company of any wrong doings. The murder mystery that ensues will captivate audiences yet again as the hit man tries to solve the case. As the release date draws near, be sure to check out the new comedy movies in theatres.

One word about Black Rain: it’s already selling like crazy. Its momentum came from the buzz it created after its release, but it did not take off at the box office. Instead, it dominated the social media sites with its viral videos and rave reviews. It is a unique comedy that offers pure entertainment, without any fluff, and definitely worth a watch on the date of its release.

The Offspring is another one of the buzziest new comedy movies in town. Following the turmoil brought about by custody battles for the child’s father, a pregnant woman (Jennifer Aniston) goes to great lengths to get her child custody rights back. The Offspring is a hilarious comedy that depicts all the drama and humor one could hope for in a story of a mother going through personal turmoil. Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Dunn and Edward Kitschy will have viewers laughing like never before this summer.

This summer also holds three more movies I recommend checking out: Man On The Moon, Edward Scissorhands and Invictus. While Man On The Moon was a huge commercial hit, it failed to do what it was intended: to create a buzz. But the reviews of this movie have been good. This is a movie that is sure to be a big hit at the movie theaters this summer.

Edward Scissorhands is a wonderful new comedy movies starring Nicholas Cage as the famous film character. The movie itself is an amazing blend of slapstick comedy and psychological intrigue. The storyline centers on a man (Cage) who has a scissors for hands, which has mystical powers. His friend and colleague are played by Brad Pitt. Both actors are amazing in this movie.

Last but certainly not least is Invictus. This is a true story of a war between the United States and Germany. Stars like Sean Penn and Matthew McConaughey have made a name for themselves with this movie. The release date for Invictus is still up in the air, but it should be hitting theatres by the end of the summer.

All of these new comedy movies are sure to be hits at the box office. The summer will no doubt be a great time for them. Each has its own star making them a must see movie. These movies stars are fantastic in their own right and make for some interesting viewing. So head over to your local theater now to watch these great new comedy movies.

It’s a Wonderful Life: This movie was made 20 years ago but is still one of the more respected films of all-time. George Clooney plays the role of David Eggrich, a man who was a victim of identity theft. He then has to go on a path of recovery, and overcome his personal problems to win back his previous identity and save his family. With an original storyline and excellent acting, this is a must see movie on it’s release date.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Another great film that came from the 80s, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure stars Ted Danson as Ted, and Anne Hathaway aseline. The movie is about two high school kids who stumble into each other’s existence and have to work together to solve the mystery of who killed their best friend. On it’s release date, this is shaping up to be a huge hit.

Another Standby singer, Chrisette: She’s a newcomer to the comedy genre, but you’ll be glad to know she brings a lot to the table. Chrisette is an actress, but also known for her voice work. With great sing-along numbers and some heartfelt moments, this is another great new comedy movie’s star. Be sure to pick up a copy, because this is an excellent movie.