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New Rap Albums Explodes With Style

If you have been around hip-hop for any length of time, then you know that new rap albums are not the new rage. In fact, they have been around for quite some time. New rap songs were a big part of the culture in the early to mid 90’s. But as new rap artists such as Ice Cube and others began to create mainstream success, new rap albums started to fall out of favor. But they have recently gained popularity again, as many rap listeners enjoy the eccentricity that these new rappers bring to their music.

While many new rap albums try to sound like mainstream hits, there are still plenty of albums that have not reached mainstream success yet, but will go on to be huge hits. One of the newer, but popular, new rap albums is Britney Spears’ “Hit Me One More Time.” This album was not expected to be a hit, and it was not even really successful at the time. But, as time has passed, “Hit Me One More Time” has become one of the biggest hits of all time and has become one of the defining moments of the decade.

Another new rap album that has been receiving a lot of attention lately has been Kanye West’s “Yeezus.” This was expected to be a major hit, as well as the follow up to his last major album, “808s & Heartbreak.” The success of this album has led many to predict that Yeezus may well be Kanye West’s next major hit. One reason that people are so high on this album is the presence of a young lady with very striking and commanding voice who performed on the track, “Facts.”

Hip hop has always had a strong influence on music. In particular, new rap albums such as Mr. Mack, Pharrell Williams, and Jay Z’s” coasts are rising” project have helped make hip hop more mainstream. The influence of the Wu-Tang Clan is also being seen in the styles of music being made now. It is quite likely that once the next phase of hip hop music is born, it will continue to change the face of music forever.

Many of the styles of rap that we hear today started out as underground phenomena. For example, Big Daddy Kane’s “Love: The Love of Money” was one of the few rap singles that was not widely played on radio during its time of release. However, because of its popularity, Mr. Mack decided to take it to the charts and introduce it to the world. Once it became successful, other rap artists took notice and incorporated the sound into their songs.

Another artist who has created a new rap genre is Eminem. His first two albums” Eminem” and “Love The Way You Lie” helped make him an incredible rap star. His persona was very controversial and people loved to hate him, even though he rapped about different things. One of the songs on his album” Eminem” called “Love The Way You Lie” contained the N-word. In response to this he sued the song’s producer and the record company, but settled out of court.

Other new rap albums are influenced more by the more traditional forms of music such as hip hop and country. On the country side of hip hop, albums such as 50 Cent’s “Be More” are very popular. On the hip-hop side, Jay Z’s “Magna Carta,” Flo Rida’s “Everything” and Elton John’s “vlox” are popular as well. While most of these songs were not particularly political in nature when they were released, they still have relevance in today’s political climate.

No matter what the artists or the music industry are doing, new rap albums are always making their way to the top of the charts. Whether it is because of the content, the artist or the band, these songs attract listeners all over the world. The music is sexy, exciting and thought provoking. It’s no wonder that sales of these new rap albums continue to be high.