nightmare on elm street

Nightmare On Elm Street is Not For Those Who Haven’t Seen This Movie

A Nightmare on Elm Street is a very entertaining short film that takes a little bit of a twisted twist on the slasher genre. It’s a bit different than your traditional slasher film and definitely has a unique style to it. I don’t want to give away the ending, but you’ll get a pretty big kick out of it. Trust me.

Robert Englund stars as the typical nerdy college student who lives in suburban America. He has no friends or good deeds to show for his grades, so he spends his days alone in his room. One day, he sneaks into his friend’s bedroom while they’re asleep and takes a number of their electronics and other random stuff. He later claims to be a psychic, and can read minds and do strange things. After getting paid by the school to spy on his fellow students, he ends up having an extra day off from school and sets about collecting some odd items from their apartment buildings and houses.

Once he’s got them, he sells them on to unsuspecting customers, and that’s where the fun begins. He even snatches a coin off a waiter’s head. Then he burns down a free standing fence because it keeps crossing through his territory. Finally, he enters a Halloween party that he’s led to by a childhood friend who he thought was dead. Englund then unleashes his powers, starting with a flash of lightening and destroying the door of the house in which the party was being held. Needless to say, this attracts a swarm of winged creatures who start tearing things apart and engaging in all sorts of madness.

The film is a bit slow at times, with slow acting and cheesy special effects. But then, this is Robert Englund. He also starred in the 1993 cult classic Scrooged, which is worth seeing just for the effect it has on modern cinema. But here, he’s not playing a character like that, he plays a complete normal person who the viewer must care about because of his weird powers. This is not a horror film, per se. It’s more of a psychological suspense and adventure drama.

There are a couple of different plotlines in Nightmare On Elm Street, but they all revolve around the same central idea. Dr. Sam Haine (Wes Bentley) works with the government on various experiments designed to help people with superpowers deal with their negative emotions. One such experiment is a machine he invented that can supposedly snap out of anyone’s control at any time. People called Outcasts were injected with this machine and are the only people in the world with this power.

When a group of Outcast children learn that their father is an ex-Special Forces Colonel, they decide to unleash a massive force of their own against their own father. This turns into a bloodbath as the slaughter the children of the Special Forces, taking over the city. Meanwhile, Dr. Haine has created another serum that will supposedly snap out anyone within the range of a few seconds, but only if they’re asleep. Now, only one man can control the Outcasts and protect the rest of the city from their depredations…

However, when the lead Outcast gets his serum turned on by accidentally killing his girlfriend, his powers start to deteriorate. He attacks his best friend’s family (who happens to be demons) and tries to take over the entire town. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Sam Haine tries desperately to stop his brother from hurting anyone else, but he winds up doing more damage to himself than Sam ever could. The storyline is one of the most well-written scenes in a horror film. The acting is great, and the special effects are effective, but it’s the script that really holds the film together and makes it a classic.

Nightmare On Elm Street is a memorable movie, but it’s not for everyone. If you enjoy watching horror movies with a big twist at the end, then this might be the right movie for you. If you’re looking for a movie that’s less subtle and more direct, then you might not want to watch this one. In either case, it’s definitely worth a look! If you haven’t seen it, you might want to pick it up since it’s one of the more popular ones out there.