There are several reasons why you may need cheap one day car insurance. You will be borrowing somebody else s car for repairs while yours is at garage waiting for repairs. Perhaps you are thinking of borrowing a car from somebody else for a one-day trip to the mechanic. Perhaps you want to drive an old classic car or test-drive a new vehicle for only a short one-day trip.

Whatever the reason, your goal is the same -cheap one day car insurance coverage so you can quickly and efficiently replace your vehicle if you are ever in an accident. The problem is that you must have reasonable and affordable auto insurance to do so. This is why so many drivers have such a hard time getting cheap one day vehicle insurance coverage. Drivers often buy multiple policies because they are offered at great low prices.

In some cases they think they are getting the best deal on a long-term policy but they are actually paying less money each month for their coverage. Some drivers think that buying a one-day policy is less expensive than purchasing a policy that pays for damages, repairs and any medical expenses you may suffer as a result of an accident. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your current short-term insurance policy will cover all of the repairs to your car, including any medical bills you incur during the time it is being repaired. But a short term policy does not provide coverage for lost income and won’t replace your vehicle if you are not driving.

If you have good credit and are a good driver you may be able to purchase additional coverage for events you have no control over such as theft or fire. This is not usually available with short-term insurance policies. It is important to shop around and compare quotes. You can do this online; simply search “carinsurancefordriver” or request a free quote via email.

Your short term insurance agent should be able to provide you with many different options and rates. Many local insurance agents will offer a free one day car insurance quote online; use this to your advantage. When choosing a local insurance agent always ask about discounts. These will save you money each month. However, don’t choose a local insurance agent simply because he/she offers the lowest price.

If you own a newer car consider purchasing a fully comprehensive policy. While fully comprehensive policies cost more upfront they will last longer. A fully comprehensive policy will also provide better customer service. Fully comprehensive car insurance policies will usually cover you in the event of a collision, theft, or fire. If you live in an area that has high theft and/or fire risks it may be a good idea to consider a fully comprehensive policy; however if you only plan on driving your vehicle infrequently it would be cheaper to purchase a standard policy.

If you’re considering applying for a cheap one day car insurance policy, don’t forget to get a driving test the first time you sign up. If you forget to get your driving test you won’t be able to drive your vehicle on the day of the quote. Ask your agent if they can waive the driving test fee if you apply for the cheap one day car insurance policy. They are required by law to perform a driving test when selling any insurance policy.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud is a very real thing, and it happens every day. Be sure to ask questions when shopping for one-day auto insurance quotes. If you have questions or concerns about the price, remember that the insurance industry is not generally transparent. Insurance companies will attempt to keep their costs down by doing business in secret and they often take advantage of uninformed customers.