Based on the true story of the Staline family (and featuring an original screenplay by Bill Paxton), Overlord is an extremely enjoyable movie that delves into the world of science fiction. With a premise based on a German doctor who builds zombie like soldiers, the film succeeds in telling a fast paced, action packed story that never loses its momentum as it moves from one locale to another. In a nutshell, a group of American paratrooper troops are dropped behind enemy lines on D-Day to penetrate the German walled streets and attack a German radio station. As the soldiers reach their objective, they quickly start to realize that there is much more going on within the Nazi-ravaged village than a straightforward military operation.

overlord movie

Joining up with several other soldiers, they eventually make their way into an underground facility where a top secret research center has been constructed. Within the complex, they meet a wide variety of strange humanoids who have been transformed into frightening soldiers. Fighting through waves of zombies, soldiers get a taste of the gruesome entertainment provided by the Overlord toy, as well as some fun action-packed set pieces. The climax of the movie occurs after the commando team makes it through a large door only to discover that the commandos have been surrounded by zombies.

One of the most interesting things about Overlord is that it successfully combines elements of horror movie into the storyline. Although the main characters fight monsters and zombies, one must also contend with an overlord, who rules over a twisted realm. Despite its overall tone, Overlord contains one definite love story, which serves as a great distraction from the otherwise gruesome action. It is this love story between one of the evil villains and one of the resistance soldiers that drives the story and helps make Overlord one of the more memorable toys from Hasbro’s Halloween toy collection.

Based on the original German novel “Erich von Kleine,” Overlord is the second film in the series of horror films based on the Overlord series. Although the story line for the film does not begin with the original Overlord, it is based off of the book, meaning that this particular installment will be different than the previous films. This first film did not perform well at the box office, but it still managed to score a respectable number of viewers. Despite the mixed response, Overlord still managed to score a respectable amount of audiences. That is thanks to its unique premise, which enticed both kids and adults to watch the film.

Based off of the original works of author Dietrich Von Wolf, Overlord follows the tale of Dr. Isaac Wolf, a physician who is possessed of a powerful telekinetic ability. Using his unique gift, he can control objects simply by thought and use his influence to help those in need. However, when his home is devastated by a flood, and he finds himself stranded, he must think fast to get himself out of danger. With a plethora of crazy and twisted villains a-plenty throughout the film, Overlord is one of the best horror movies you are likely to get your hands on this year.

Based off of the same source material as the previous Overlord movie, this follow-up features the introduction of some new additions to the cast. These characters include the evil Overlord, as well as the human resistance group called the Peace Bureau. Although the characters were not particularly interesting to watch, their odd chemistry helped make Overlord a memorable film.

Although the over the top special effects did leave me hoping for a lot more out of the film, Overlord was a fun watch overall. The storyline, acting, and overall production values were all done extremely well, and Overlord was one of the more memorable films of 2021. If you enjoy over the top special effects and a fun story, then Overlord is definitely worth a look.

Overlord runs about 90 minutes long, but does not feel long. It is definitely a fast-paced action film that you should take home after seeing. If you have seen the other versions of the Overlord story, you will not need any reminding about how the movie is supposed to end. However, if you haven’t seen the original, you definitely should pick up Overlord to see how they do it! Trust me, you won’t regret watching this movie…