A Platinum card is one of the most pricey cards to have, in terms of annual percentage rates (where applicable). However, it also provides many advantages to cardholders, most importantly: They offer higher interest payments than normal or silver cards. They also offer more perks, rewards, and cash backs than normal cards. They are often issued by credit card companies, such as Chase, Discover, and Bank of America. They are often the preferred credit card type for families, since they provide benefits that other cards don’t. In order to find the best card for you, here are some tips to help you:

platinum card

Find out exactly what you’re getting with your new Platinum card. These cards come with an introductory period, where you pay zero interest on purchases, as long as you maintain your monthly balance. During this introductory period, cardholders pay normal interest rates on purchases and cash advances, but they still receive numerous perks. After the introductory period, cardholders must pay interest on any balance, but they will no longer pay the usual annual fees.

Some perks that you can receive with your new platinum card include: 0% APR on all purchases for the first year. If you make a purchase during this year, you will pay nothing on your balance at that time. You will earn the 100,000 membership rewards points, as well as a low annual fee. Cards that offer such perks are often the best, because they are usually the longest-term options. For the first time, you can pay off your entire balance every month, instead of just paying a small amount on your balance per month. This can save you hundreds of dollars in interest payments over the course of your life with your card.

When traveling, you may also enjoy the benefits offered by many platinum card companies. Whether you want to enjoy free hotel stays or free flight tickets, or you want to enjoy the benefits of rental car status, the perks offered by different card issuers can make all the difference. You can choose the card offers that offer you the greatest value and convenience. Some of these benefits include:

Rental car discounts – If you rent a car frequently, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars each year. Some card issuers partner with various rental car companies to give cardholders exclusive discounts on all rental car charges. As long as you have an active, or paid account in good standing, you can enjoy this benefit. The savings will be applied to your monthly or yearly payment, and you will receive a receipt for your records.

Free travel credit cards – Platinum and Gold credit cards come with a rewards points per dollar of spending. You can earn up to two percent in reward points at retailers, gas stations, restaurants, drugstores and other places. If you do not have enough credits to qualify, you can still enjoy this benefit. There is no annual fee for the Gold card, and you can increase your rewards points at any time. For the most part, the same rules apply for the platinum card as well.

Free travel insurance – If you travel on a frequent basis, you can benefit from the free travel insurance provided. This insurance covers you for accidents, delays, and loss of luggage and other services. The benefit, however, varies among card issuers. Some cards offer unlimited reimbursement while others offer coverage for just the first 300 annual equinox credit card users.

Statement Credits – If you need to purchase an item or pay for services, you can make the purchase online and just use your card to pay for it. This option is available for the platinum card. With this feature, you can avoid having to write a check. Once you complete the purchase, you will be credited for the full amount. There are no enrollment required.