Indie rock is a sub-genre of rock music that emerged from the United States, England, and New Zealand during the 1970s and 1980s. Many bands in the genre focus on personal experiences rather than political or social issues. This makes the music an ideal fit for younger listeners, as there are no label restrictions or snobbish judgments involved. Listed below are some of the most popular examples of indie rock.

The Smiths

The Smiths are one of the most well-known bands of the 1980s, having emerged from Manchester, United Kingdom. With lead singer Morrissey being the epitome of rebelliousness, the group was able to become a global phenomenon, playing on TV shows and winning awards. Their first album, The Smiths, went platinum and the band went on to make two more albums that would become classics. However, the band eventually broke up when doubts about the sound of “Queen” began to linger.

The Smiths’ first single, “Hand in Glove”, had a low pop chart debut but their subsequent singles climbed the charts. The band had a distinctive sound, blending elements of punk and sixties pop. Guitarists Johnny Marr and drummer Mike Joyce were key to their distinctive sound, providing a backdrop for singer Morrissey’s wit. After being rejected by EMI and Factory Records, the band was signed to independent record label Rough Trade. This album brought them to international success and helped them secure a major label deal.

The Smiths formed in 1982 in Manchester, England. The duo’s love of literature and poetry bonded them together. Morrissey sat in on auditions to become a member of the group, and the rest is history. The band’s most famous line-up consisted of Morrissey, Andy Rourke, and Mike Joyce. The band’s name is derived from the word “Smith” and their initials, which were both pronounced like the ‘S’ in the band’s name.


While a lull in shoegaze’s popularity ensued in the early ’90s, New Jersey’s All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors emerged as a beacon of hope. In 1998, they released their second album, Turning Into Small, celebrating the genre’s My Bloody Valentine-esque sounds. Despite its lack of mainstream success, the album remained a critical and popular hit.

Initially formed in 1983, My Bloody Valentine is an Irish band led by guitarist Kevin Shields. The band, now known as Foreign Home, has undergone several changes in style over the years, but has consistently blended syncopated drums and angular guitar to create a unique sound. Its music combines elements of shoegaze with elements of Britpop melodie sensibilities. As one of the pioneers of the genre, My Bloody Valentine are an ideal example of how shoegaze can sound very different than the rest of indie rock.

One of the most popular shoegaze albums is Loveless, a masterpiece that still has some of the genre’s best tracks. It took two years to record the album, in which 45 engineers contributed to the process. It is often referred to as a meditation on the meaning of absence, with layers of guitar sounds distilling the human experience. In addition to Loveless, the band’s Souvlaki album is an essential listen. Its poignant song, “The Sun Has Blew,” was featured on the soundtrack of the movie Lost in Translation.

Modest Mouse

If you love indie rock, you might have heard of Modest Mouse. The American rock band was formed in 1992 in Issaquah, Washington. They are currently based in Portland, Oregon. The members include Jeremiah Green, the band’s drummer, and Danielle LaPorte, the vocalist and guitarist. You can find the band on Facebook. Read on to learn more about Modest Mouse!

While Modest Mouse was an underrated band, they helped create the genre that we love today. Their breakthrough album, The Lonesome Crowded West, was a critical and fan favorite. The band went on to release major-label albums, The Moon in 2000, Antarctica in 2004, and Good News for People Who Love Bad News in 2004. They managed to avoid the pitfalls of the indie-fad bands and gained their mainstream fame by building a fanbase and releasing successful albums.

The members of Modest Mouse were inspired by grunge and punk bands. They formed in a video store in Issaquah, Washington. They formed the band in 1996, but struggled to release their debut album. In 1997, they released “Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect?” on K Records. The album was a hit and helped propel the band into the mainstream. They have since continued to gain popularity with their albums.

The White Stripes

The band first came to prominence in 1997, when they released the single “The Big Three Killed My Baby.” Their debut album was dedicated to blues legend Son House, and was recorded at Jim Diamond’s Ghetto Recorders studio in Detroit, Michigan. Jack White produced the album himself, and it garnered them many fans, including legendary BBC DJ John Peel. In 2001, the band released their self-titled second album, which was recorded on an 8-track in White’s living room.

The band’s unique sound helped them capture the attention of critics and fans alike. Initially, the band was primarily made up of two members: a shy female drummer and a rakish guitarist. This combination made for an intensely energetic band that was bursting with potential. While critics had questioned White’s drumming skills, these primitive fills were just what the songs needed. Their sound is timeless, and countless fans have been drawn to their music.

The band’s color scheme was always red, white, and black, which they borrowed from peppermint candy. The combination struck a chord with people because it reminds them of the colors of Nazi banners and Coca-Cola cans. The lyrics of “The Hardest Button to Button” are about a mother who gave birth to a baby boy, and songs like “Seven Nation Army” and “Ball and Biscuit” are nearly seven minutes long.

Shoegazing’s Bug

Lightning Bug is the kind of music that should be savored with the first cup of coffee in the morning. The album is subtle and different from the group’s early years as part of the Fat Possum label, but it remains true to its style, gently pushing boundaries. It’s a perfect Sunday morning soundtrack. Shoegazing’s Bug is one of the best songs released by Fat Possum since its inception.