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XXXTentacion’s estate is working with blockchain company YellowHeart to release posthumous music as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The idea is to give fans the opportunity to purchase his posthumous music on a cryptocurrency exchange without the need to pay cash. XXXTentacion’s estate is also working with Blockchain company YellowHeart to release a diamond single called “SAD!” as a NFT.

XXXTentacion’s estate is working with blockchain company YellowHeart

In addition to offering exclusive items, the XXXTentacion estate is planning to release a series of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, to celebrate his late career. The NFTs will include five never-before-released tracks and previously-uncirculated tour footage. YellowHeart will handle the process of creating the NFTs, and the estate has tapped a famous game artist, Stephen Bliss, to produce unique art for the tokens.

In a press release, the estate explained that they would be turning five unreleased songs into NFTs. The NFTs would then be distributed to fans, who would then be able to buy them. The estate is also looking to make these recordings available on other platforms. The first collection will consist of five songs, and the other three will include tour footage.

In addition to NFTs, the estate also plans to auction off a few more items, including videos of X’s REVENGE Tour, which was his last tour before he was murdered. Another NFT will feature artwork by Grand Theft Auto artist Stephen Bliss. The auction is set to begin on Monday at noon ET, and will last until May 15 at 12:00 p.m. The proceeds will go to the X estate and to unspecified charitable organizations.

The platform enables fans to create an exclusive blockchain marketplace for music, collectibles, and community NFTs. The ecosystem has already attracted artists like The Beatles, Maroon 5, and XXXTentacion. The NFTs can be purchased, sold, and traded for other goods. Those with the HRTS tokens will also have the opportunity to engage in innovative ways.

His estate is releasing posthumous music as non-fungible tokens

The XXXTentacion estate is releasing posthumous music in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with five tracks never released commercially and video footage from his 2017 tour. XXXTentacion’s estate is partnering with non-fungible tokens marketplace Yellowheart to make the posthumous music available for purchase. The NFTs will be distributed on the Yellowheart platform, which accepts credit cards and cryptocurrency as payment. The artwork is designed by Stephen Bliss, the artist who created the art for the Grand Theft Auto video game.

NFTs are digital certificates of authentication that are unique and cannot be duplicated. The XXXTentacion estate is teaming up with Crypto-collectable company YellowHeart to release the music as posthumous NFTs. The proceeds will go to charities and the XXXFoundation, which was founded by Onfroy’s mother Cleopatra Bernard.

The XXXTentacion Estate isn’t revealing many details about the new endeavor, but it is saying a few things about its plan to release posthumous music. The first set of songs will be released as NFTs, and the first five songs will be released for sale on May 10th. The collection will continue through May 15th.

XXXTentacion was only twenty-one years old when he was tragically shot by a robber in Florida. Though he was involved in numerous legal battles, he had a large fan base and was dedicated to music for the socially unacceptable and the emotionally broken. His estate is also donating proceeds to the XXXFoundation, which supports women who have suffered domestic abuse.

Besides the album, the estate is releasing previously unseen concert videos and five songs from XXXTentacion’s back catalogue. XXXTentacion was known for going in-depth and going to his fans. However, he was also accused of multiple instances of domestic abuse and is currently awaiting trial.

XXXTentacion’s diamond single “SAD!”

The record label RIAA has certified XXXTentacion’S hit single “SAD!” as a diamond. The rapper was killed by a gunman on June 28, 2018. During that time, the song had sold more than 10 million copies in the US alone. It was also his first number one single posthumously since the Notorious B.I.G. in 2000.

The award ceremony was held in New York City and included a plaque for XXXTENTACION’S mother. The award was presented by the RIAA and the Virgin Music Label, which handled distribution for the artist’s label Bad Vibes Forever. The RIAA will announce the next winner on October 19 in South Florida. The ceremony also featured the singer’s mother, Cleo Bernard, and his manager.

The award ceremony also featured a video for the track “SAD!” starring XXXTENTACION and his mother. The song was produced by John Cunningham, and was released by Virgin Music. It became XXXTentacion’s highest charting single in the U.S., reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 on August 13, 2021.

XXXTentacion’S rap album, ‘X’, is certified three times platinum. The lead single from the album, ‘SAD!’, was released in March 2018. The music video has garnered more than 148 million views. It is XXXTentacion’s highest-grossing single, and is one of the most streamed songs on Spotify.

His estate is releasing posthumous music as NFTs

The XXXTentacion estate is releasing posthumous music in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. The project is a way for fans to purchase the rap star’s music after his death. The rap star died tragically in a shooting in Florida. His death has triggered a slew of posthumous projects. One such project, YellowHeart, is releasing unofficial XTentacion tracks that have never been released before. The XXXTentacion estate will donate a portion of the proceeds to the XXXFoundation, a nonprofit organization he founded to fight domestic violence. In addition, the XXXTentacion estate will release video footage from his sole

XXXTentacion’s death has led to a number of controversy. XXXTentacion’s estate has authorised the release of two posthumous albums. The latest album, ‘Bad Vibes Forever’, was critically acclaimed and praised by NME. The album reflects the influence XXXTentacion had on modern rap.

XXXTentacion’s estate is releasing five unreleased songs as NFTs, as well as footage from his 2017 REVENGE tour. The XXXTentacion estate has partnered with crypto-collectible startup YellowHeart to release the five unreleased tracks as NFTs. These unreleased songs were previously only available on SoundCloud.

The first song is titled “Sad!”. It was released on SoundCloud, but the X estate has now made it available for download on the major streaming platforms. The estate has also commissioned a documentary about the rapper. The film will feature clips of the rapper performing and interviews with Trippie Redd, Joey Badass, and Juice Wrld.

In addition to the new album, the XXTentacion estate has also released the first album by his son Juice, entitled “Legends.” The song is a tribute to X and Lil Peep, who were both close friends. The album’s cover art is a screenshot of a DM between X and Juice. “Legends Never Die” is Juice’s first posthumous release and it propelled him to become the most-streamed artist on Spotify in 2020.

Another album by XxxTentacion is titled “Riot”. It was released on SoundCloud in 2015 and was re-released on streaming services in June 2020. The album also includes a series of previously unreleased tracks. The ‘Riot’ album has already received over 122 million streams on Spotify.