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Prometheus 2 Will Be a Trilogy

After the success of the first Prometheus film, Ridley Scott has announced that the sequel will be a trilogy. He first discussed the idea of the sequel in 2012, but it never materialized. This time around, he has decided to make it a spin-off rather than a direct prequel. The sequel is scheduled to open in August 2017. The movie’s story is about a team of scientists who explore the mysterious planet of Aliens in search of the origins of man. It is a love letter to the original Alien. In the film, Noomi Rapace plays Elizabeth Shaw, an earthling who is trying to survive her new life in space.

The ending of the original Prometheus left the audience hanging, and Fox has already announced a sequel. It has not yet been officially announced, but it’s highly likely that the sequel will take place before the original. It’s a shame that the second film isn’t focused on Elizabeth Shaw, the only survivor of the first film. Unlike the first film, this movie was well received and earned over $303 million worldwide.

The original Prometheus movie paved the way for the new Alien franchise. The first film starred Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace. The film explored the origins of intelligent life on Earth and the Xenomorphs. The story of Prometheus is a pseudo-prequel to the Alien franchise. However, after it was a huge hit, the director had to abandon the project due to fanboy backlash.

The second movie will feature a new cast, and will be directed by Ridley Scott. The original film received mixed reviews from audiences, but it also did quite well at the box office. A sequel would follow a few years later. Hopefully, Scott will take a different approach, and will keep the original characters bodyless for the duration of the film. There’s no word yet on a release date, but if it comes soon, it’s a promising one.

The second film of the Alien franchise is a spin-off from the first film. The sequel will follow the events of the first movie, and will be titled Alien: Covenant. The film will be set ten years after Prometheus. It’s a standalone movie, and its plot is similar to Prometheus, but will be set in a different galaxy. It will be the second movie in the franchise.

A lot of fans have speculated about the fate of the characters of the Alien franchise. In the first film, David is the only character who has been confirmed to return. She will be killed in the sequel, but she was not in the second. This means that the sequel will be about a new character. In Prometheus, she will be reunited with her previous life. And it will be her body, but she’ll be in the same universe as her predecessor.

The second film will be a prequel to the first film. While the first movie is a pseudo-Alien prequel, the second will follow the story of Prometheus. The film will focus on the same events as the first movie, but the resurgence of the franchise is not in doubt. The two movies will still be connected though, and Scott is already planning a new sequel. So, the question now is, will there be a third?

The first Prometheus movie was a prequel to Alien. After Disney acquired the franchise, it became an Alien sequel. Besides that, the second film will be a sequel to Prometheus. Ultimately, the sequel will be a prequel to the original, which was an unexpected twist. AvP Galaxy has a full gallery of concept art from both films. It will follow the same plot line as its predecessor.

The upcoming sequel to the Alien movie could have been a prequel. It was originally titled Alien: Awakening, and it would have followed Prometheus. The movie would have followed the events of Prometheus. The sequel would have followed David’s return to the homeworld of the Alien and his experiments with the black goo. It would also follow the Engineers’ attempts to hunt David.