The Story

Goofy gaming expert Shekhar Subramaniam (Shah Rukh Khan) tries to win his son Prateik’s heart by making him a super hero. But his son, like most young boys, thinks super villans are cooler. So, Shekhar designs a video game that pits Ra-One, an anti-hero, against G-One, a good hero.

The movie is a clash of good against evil, and while it borrows a lot from Hollywood super hero movies, it does a fair job of making its own characters and a story that works well on several levels. It has some interesting clashes between G-One and Ra-One, it has a warm bond between the good robot and Kareena’s family, and its screenplay is full of wit, specially in the humourous scenes during dinners where the characters interact.

The film is a good, light-hearted watch with some good prasa vasool moments and a fun dance number that is a joy to watch. However, there are some slow-moving scenes and the movie can be a bit monotonous at times. Nevertheless, it is a must-watch. It has some very heart-warming moments and a great soundtrack by Chammak Challo. We hope it does well at the box office this Diwali! The only quibble is that the first half is a little boring.

The Release Date

The release date of Rai one is April 30th, 2014 and it’s the first issue in Valiant’s new monthly publishing initiative. This initiative will include a new #1 every month that will launch a number of titles to the forefront of the comics industry, including ongoing series, unprecedented crossover collisions, and high-profile mini-series.

The issue, written by superstar creators Matt Kindt (Unity, Justice League of America) and Clayton Crain (X-Force, Carnage), spins out of Greg Pak’s Eternal Warrior and is the kickoff title for Valiant First. This is a special opportunity to introduce fans to a stunning world of 41st century Japan as realized by two of the most phenomenally talented creators working in comics today!

Rai (pronounced “rah-one”) is a Japanese folk hero, a superhero. He is a martial artist and warrior, known for his speed. He is a hero who fights for the good of his country and he is the guardian of the Japanese people. He is also a member of a secret society of heroes called The Order of the Light.

He is also the son of a game designer who teaches his son that bad always wins, but Ra one has a different philosophy. Despite his evil nature, Ra one is able to defeat his father in a series of battles.

But after he gets trapped in a video game, Ra one is forced out of the game to protect his son from the game villain who has a mission to kill him. This forces Rai one to leave his home and travel to a gas station in the United States where he picks up a signal of an offspring.

Throughout the rest of his journey, he meets a woman called Momo and they start to fall in love. At one point, Rai enters a dream state and sees a vision of his parents. He is also reunited with his siblings and they go on a mission to save their homeland.

The release date of ra one is April 30th, 2014. It’s the first issue in Valiant’s New Monthly publishing initiative and will be the kickoff title for the Valiant First initiative. This is a special opportunity to introduce new readers to a stunning world of 41st Century Japan as realized by two of the most phenomenally talent working in comics today!