Rap Music Genres: A Comparison of Chino and Gramatik

Denis Jašarević, better known by his stage names Gramatik and Jeztor, is a Sloveniaian electronic music producer, initially from Portorož, Slovenia. Now living in New York City, he has released numerous solo albums and collaborations. In the late nineties, he began traveling to Egypt and working with the renowned underground rapper Jay Z. Although Jeztor was not present at the session which resulted in the song ‘CTRL B yo’, he was one of the couple of DJs who were present at the session and also contributed to the song’s production. In 2021, he began working with the producer Kanye West, producing several tracks on his self-titled album.

This album contained two songs that were played during his concert at the American Airlines Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of these songs was’CTRL B Yo’, the second being ‘Ceremonials’. In between these albums, Jeztor has also contributed to several documentaries, most notably ones dealing with the life of rap icons such as Rakim and Biggie Smalls. Gramatik has since made a return to the studio with his most recent album entitled Man On The Moon: The End of Day.

Gramatik’s real name is Milenije Zivkovic, but many fans tend to refer to him as Gramatik. He gave this name to the album because he wanted the album to sound like a studio session. Despite this, some of the tracks on Man On The Moon: The End Of Day sound as if they have been taken straight from his own studio recordings. Other features on this album include samples from other songs, mostly from the late seventies. The use of this material may be expected to create controversy among his fans, who may question whether it constitutes his original work. This controversy seems to be particularly prevalent on his first album.

There is no doubt that both Blockchain and Gramatik are at the forefront of the new electronic music industry. Their styles remain distinctly different and their influences large-scale artists such as Kanye West and Frank Ocean are well outside of comparison. In terms of musical production, both men rely heavily on keyboards and synthesizers, with almost no drum presence. However, what sets both these artists apart is their use of non-western instruments such as the kundalini chimes, triangle, and recorder. Though it is debatable as to whether these instruments are truly instruments of a bygone era, the innovation that each brings to the table is undeniable.

The first thing that differentiates Gramatik from his contemporaries is his reliance on a new currency for selling his music online. Unlike most artists who release their music through iTunes, Gramatik has chosen to sell his digitally-distributed albums through a new company called Cryptokoo. Cryptokoo has a subscription model, in which subscribers purchase bits of the album in the form of an exclusive vinyl. After purchase, the subscriber can download the album and listen to it immediately. As a result, artists like Blockchain and Gramatik are able to reach new audiences without having to spend the time and money to promote their music via traditional avenues in the music industry.

Interestingly, Gramatik also refuses to sign any deal with the labels that would require him to promote his albums through mainstream distribution channels. Instead, he primarily promotes his music through free websites that he owns or has been involved with since the beginning. Through these websites, he allows independent artists to distribute his music for monetary gain.

One of the most interesting things about Gramatik is his decision not to use his real name are on his albums and songs. Though Gramatik’s real name is Levinson, he prefers to go by his nom de plume. This means that he uses the stage name “Glayg” for his musical projects instead of using his real name. This is an interesting choice, as his real name is Levinson. This is particularly true with his most popular album “Gangsta”. In this album, Gramatik uses the name “Chino”, yet has the last name “Levinson” displayed prominently on the cover.

The bottom line: although Gramatik is well known in the underground hip-hop community, his influence has transcended into other genres. Many other artists, including members of Odd Future, have used his music as the basis for their own projects. Because of this, many people, especially those outside the hip-hop world, have become familiar with his music. Because many of his music samples are available for free on many of the torrent sites, fans of these artists have learned to use his samples to create their own original music. If you’re interested in listening to some of gramatik’s original music, the best place to go to is one of the many torrent sites where these recordings can be found.