Manmadhidhiddu Dam is a small fishing village on the left bank of the river Ganga in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is located in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan state. This beautiful fishing village is the only one of its kind in the region and it offers some of the most captivating & attractive backwaters destinations in the country. Tourists and holiday makers who are looking for an ideal destination to spend their holidays in Manmadhiddung should definitely opt for Manmadhiddudu as it has many backwater attractions that are worth visiting and exploring.

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The Ganges Backwater: This beautiful backwater is a part of the National Park. It is believed to be the largest in India and provides an excellent view of the lush green valleys and lovely landscapes of the region. Most of the popular tourists and honeymoon couples who come here prefer to stay in the fishing village of Manmadhidu and enjoy a romantic dinner by the gushing River Ganga. They then take a boat ride over the enchanting Ganges and visit the several beautiful & beautiful attractions that the town has to offer.

Munnar Backwater: This is also a part of the national park. This scenic backwater is very popular among nature lovers. It is also known for its unique & picturesque landscapes. Munnar is one of the most favourite places for honeymooners and nature lovers. There are many scenic & beautiful resorts in the region that are located on the banks of this charming backwater.

Kullu Bay: It is located at the foot of majestic Himalayas in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The pristine natural beauty of the region has made it a perfect destination for tourists and vacationers. It is also popularly known as the Pearl of the Himalayas as it is surrounded by numerous beautiful beaches and islands. One of the most visited and must visit backwater destination is Kullu Bay.

Jim Corbett National Park: It is one of the famous parks of India. Located in the state of Uttarakhand, the region was named after the American naturalist and conservationist John C. Corbett, who explored the region during the era of the Trans Pacific railroad. Corbett National Park covers almost 5000 acres of dense forests and grasslands with a mixture of shrubs, grasses, wild life and scattered rocks. Some of the popular attractions of this unique and amazing park are the Lower Lechaha Falls, Jim Corbett Lake, Spiti Valley and Corbett Dam. The lovely lush valleys and greenery of this region have made it the perfect place for couples to celebrate their honeymoon vacation.

Manmadhidu City: The capital city of the region, Manmadhidu is a small city located on the banks of Ganga. It has an attractive location that can be easily accessible from Delhi. It is the biggest market of the state and has a number of markets selling a variety of items. There are many tourists’ attractions in and around the city like Manmadhid river cruise, boat race and the lovely temple located at the centre of town. There are various hotels located in and around the region that provide comfortable accommodation to the tourists.

Shilparamam: This is a small fishing hamlet located on the left bank of the river. It is a convenient stopping point for tourists to access other cities of the region. The best time to visit Shil paramam is between April and May. Shilparamam is home to some magnificent ancient temples that have been converted into hotels.

This is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet retreat by the river. A number of newly built hotels have been built in and around the region and provide wonderful accommodation to the tourists. The region is also home to many charming and beautiful hills that provide scope for trekking and bird watching. The region is ideal for honeymooners as there are some beautiful hills and hill stations nearby that offer luxurious stay to the couples.