The Demon’s Lexicon by Peter V. Brett is a dark fantasy novel written in first person. In a perfect world, Nicky would be happy to hop in his car every day to heavy metal music; he loves the feel of metal on his skin. But no, instead his mum is an angelic figure, his dad is a devout Satanist and he just like all good grown-ups, insists that young, innocent Nicky take part in the “grown-up business.” When his father’s wicked, manipulative, domineering rule threatened by his rebellious younger brothers’ disobedience, it is up to young, innocent Nicky to restore sanity in the household.

Three sons, one brother corrupted and the other two just average kids start out life together. The problem is that their dad is the only one who thinks them special. After his own children are born, he has trouble finding “time” to be with them, and as punishment he forces them to live with his three sons. Their father keeps the two other boys chained in a basement up there, where they serve as guinea pigs for their evil and greedy grandfather.

The three boys are forced to perform disgusting acts in order to earn the money their dad needs to buy them new toys. They’re very close to their father and know what his desires are, but they just can’t help him along. He’s constantly trying to push them into Hell, but they resist because they don’t want to go there. And soon their friendship is torn apart. In the meantime, the older brother, Satan, is gaining more power and influence, while the younger brother dies a horrible death…

One day while walking down a sidewalk in Manhattan, the two evil brothers stumble upon a statue of a Roman Emperor. Impressed, they decide to take it back to their castle as a prize. While they’re there they meet an Irish exile, Brian O’nesia. Brian, the son of a bankrupt carpenter, was living in Manhattan as a street kid when he was thrown out. He escaped to Italy when the war broke out, but not before his mother and sister were killed.

Now the two Irish boys are on their way to visit their long-lost father in Rome. Along the way, they discover more about the family and about Hell. When they finally reach the capital city, they find a wide variety of demons, including three sons of the late Roman Emperor. The foursome makes a trip through Hell, where they battle and kill more demons, including the resurrected Prince, Lucifer.

Returning to the present day, the old priest, Little Nicky, relates the story of how the whole family escaped Hell to live in New York City, where their story will finally come to light. Along the way, the three evil brothers run into Beefy, who is working as a blind deacon in a soup restaurant. When confronted with the man who has been haunting him for years, Beefy kills his latest victim. With the help of his best friend, Mikey, Beefy realizes that he needs to find a way to return to heaven…

In order to do this, Beefy creates a portal to return to heaven, using his newly-purchased whip. Once he uses it to pass through the portals created by the blind deacon, he meets his deceased father, a.k.a. Grandpa Lucifer. Hoping that someday he too will see his own grandkids, the elderly priest decides to stop selling his soul to the Devil, so he goes to hell, and in doing so, permanently banishes the evil beefy to hell.

The deleted scene also shows us the origin of nicky’s pet Chunk, the same image that appeared in the first “Globetrotter” movie. A quick search on YouTube for the name “Chunk the Elder” reveals that the pet originated from an old episode of “Happy Days”. In this episode, Chunk and his gang of skateboarders travel to a carnival, where they engage in numerous mischief and chaos. One of their many capers involves Chunk smashing a stake through the head of a skull, knocking it clear. Once Chunk and his new pet escape, a police detective named Mikey arrives just in time to save the day and to retrieve the skull, which he identifies as having two open eyes, a cross in the forehead, and a circular bald patch.