If you’re looking for a great comedy about sex and the city, look no further than The New York Times bestselling sex book, The Social Network. author David Leonfeld tackles the ins and outs of our busy lives in this entertaining book about finding love, romance, and sex in today’s dating world. While the main character’s girlfriend (Tina Majorino) is obviously unapproachable due to her secretive nature, her boyfriend (Brad Pitt) is much more laid back. The couple spends their days chatting online, which leads to serious and unexpected sex lives.

It would have been easy to sweep the controversy under the rug of teen sexiness and pregnancy, but The Social Network manages to weave a real story about seduction that’s much more than “sexy teen scenes” and “pornographic” literature. Leonfeld has managed to make the book feel like an actual book, instead of just another story told in a fictional framework. The book’s many lessons are easy to read and enjoyable to read. The book’s plot, which follows three friends as they navigate the complicated world of dating and relationships, is realistic and entertaining.

The book starts with David Leonfeld meeting up with Anna Kopple. They strike up a conversation about dating and sex, which turns out to be more than they bargained for. David starts to tell Anna how he felt about his own bad sexual experiences, and she tells him about hers. Things get heated when David starts to reveal his feelings for her, but Anna is having none of it. The tension between them quickly deteriorates into a fight, which David eventually wins.

In the sequel, Sex and the City 2, sex and the city writer David Lebovitz gives us a glimpse into the future of online dating. Following the same plot line as the first book, David and Nina team up again, this time going through an online social network. This time, they’re able to communicate through chat rooms and make plans to meet each other.

The social network proves to be too much for both parties. Their relationship collapses, and David learns that his actions have cost them not only his chance at seeing his cute ex-girlfriend, but also their friendship. But when he decides to go back to the virtual world, he unleashes his deepest fears about the Internet. He’s come to realize that the Internet has become a vast dark place in his mind, full of danger and hurt. The book ends with the couple sitting on a beach, discussing what they’ve learned from their failed relationship.

The novel’s fast pace makes it easy to get lost in its storyline. David and Nina’s stories constantly hook you in. The dialogue is witty and articulate. Lebovitz creates a vivid picture of the online dating world through his words. And of course, sex sells the book, which is why he’s written a second book in the series.

The social network by itself isn’t a sex book per se, but it’s an interesting example of how people use technology to alter their lives. People from all over can join together to create this virtual community. However, because it’s all based on digital means, there are rules that everyone must obey. This creates a sense of accountability, which helps the relationship work.

The book ends with a passionate kiss from David, which seals the deal for them. They are now lovers, bound by duty alone, as they begin a life together. The social network by itself is more than a book about sex and the city. It’s a story about how people interact with one another in the digital age. Lebovitz has created a fascinating read with smart ideas and insights.