The Red Bullet series by Spike Lee is set in Boston in 1977 and follows the life of Boston police officer John McKedrick. Two other cops, Frank stumbles upon a murder that has taken place close to the police station. A sniper kills one of them and they are on their way to finding the killer when they encounter an armed robber. The sniper has a sniper’s girlfriend and she’s not afraid to kill anyone. They manage to escape, but the police station is rocked by a bomb explosion. The entire city is cordoned off and three men named BJ, Frank and Tommy are tasked with protecting the city from further attacks.

The movie starts with a bang as one of the female police officers is found dead near the Boston Common. A press conference is held where many key events happen to include the bombing, the sniper incident and the bomb threats. Many key people in the Boston government are brought into the spotlight. Things get interesting when the killer strikes again and this time he doesn’t spare anyone.

The movie is about how the different characters cope with the situation and the different emotions that surround the events. It tells a fast paced, thrilling and suspense story. One has to be prepared for some twists throughout the film.

The movie begins in a very slow pace, as the tension builds throughout the entire movie. When the action starts you realize that the events are not going to unfold the way we expect them to. There is a gun shooting scene near the end that will have many viewers glued to the screen. The slow-mo pace adds more reality to the proceedings and makes us realize that what we see is not a dream. It is very convincing.

The director shows us a lot of emotion throughout the film too. Throughout the film you get the feeling that everyone involved is scared. This adds an authenticity that makes the film very emotional. The director did a great job of combining music with emotions in this film and it really works. The slow-mo style fits the film well.

People seem to like The Red Bullet. It has received great reviews from critics and movie lovers. The movie definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. The director made use of lots of close up shots to increase the intensity level of the action. The special effects were impressive too.

The movie is about two teenagers who escape from the police after gun shooting scene. They are being pursued by hoodlums. Their car is stolen and they need to find help. They are saved by a motorcycle gang that wants to help them, but they are attacked by hoodlums. The chase continues and they go to a cabin where they encounter several gun-toting hoodlums.

Overall, The Red Bullet is an exciting action movie. It is entertaining from start to finish. The story line contains enough plot twists to keep the viewers guessing. I recommend The Red Bullet to anyone who likes action and thrillers.

Based on a novel called “Swinging Seconds”, the film has some excellent special effects. The special effect work is especially good. The use of Steady camera work adds a sense of reality to the film. The supporting characters are very well drawn. The cinematography is professional and the film has a sense of urgency and drama due to its timely content.

Richard Dean Anderson plays the role of Johnnie Rico. He is the son of a successful drug dealer. The character learns the secrets of how his father prepared him to take over the family business when he dies. He then undergoes training with the master gunslinger, played by Steve McQueen. The storyline revolves around the pair tracking down and killing two fugitives from the California prison that were supposedly involved in the killing of the governor.

The gun shooting scene was done well. The supporting actors really bring the character to life. The special effects and the fight sequences were exciting. The sequence involving the bullet being thrown through the windshield was well done. The use of white noise for sound during the gun shooting scene gave the scene a more realistic feel.

Shades of Black Light is a worthwhile film. It’s not the greatest action film ever made but it’s definitely an entertaining movie. The director is a definite master of his genre. The subject matter, the story, and the acting are all entertaining.