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Shiri Appleby is an American actress. She began her career in commercials and music videos at the early age of four. As a child, she suffered from shyness. However, this early exposure to the world of acting helped her overcome her shyness and become an actress. She has since starred in various movies and TV series, including the critically acclaimed “Halloween.”


Shiri Appleby has a diverse resume, including leading roles in films such as ER and Life Unexpected. She also has several television credits, including “Dating Rules From My Future Self” and “Daria Wade” from the NBC series Girls. She has also appeared on several comedy shows, including “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Girls.”

Shiri Appleby started her career at age four, appearing in commercials and in television shows. Her first big role was on the hit TV show Roswell, but she soon moved on to recurring roles on Life Unexpected and Chicago Fire. These successful roles led her to try out for more directing jobs. This is not to say that Appleby will never return to acting, but she’s definitely making it her career.

Shiri Appleby was born on December 7, 1978 in Los Angeles. Her parents are Jewish, but Shiri was raised in the United States. While she was raised in a Jewish family, it’s unclear whether her faith has played a role in her adult life. Shiri is married to chef Jon Shook, with whom she has two children. She also enjoys nature and the simple things in life.

Shiri Appleby is an English actress. She has a net worth of $1 million. Her parents are both telecommunications executives. Her mother is a Sephardic Jew and her father is an American Ashkenazi. She was raised in Calabasas, California. She has one younger brother, Evan, and attended a Hebrew school. Appleby has lived in Los Angeles for 43 years.

After graduating from college, Appleby moved on to television. She hoped Code Black would lead to her first directing credit. After starring in four episodes of the show, Appleby had a hiatus while she gave birth to her second child. During that time, Appleby shadowed NBC’s Nancy Dubuc and former Lifetime head of development Nina Lederman. She mentioned her interest in directing during the interview process, but it turned out that Ashley Williams was unavailable for the project.

Appleby’s movie credits are impressive, and she has been nominated for numerous acting awards. Shiri Appleby has acted in many television shows and movies that are both popular and profitable. Her popularity grows each day, and her impressive resume makes her an excellent role model for aspiring actresses. If you want to know more about Shiri Appleby, check out the links below. This will give you a brief bio of Appleby’s achievements.


In addition to her acting career, Shiri Appleby is a director. She has a lengthy list of credits, including recurring roles on NBC’s Chicago Fire and HBO’s Girls. She also has a number of credits in television, including an episode of “Roswell.”

In her early years, Appleby studied English and theatre at USC, where she built relationships with fellow students in the Pardee Tower. At USC, Shiri Appleby took classes in the morning, but went to afternoon auditions and finals. Her work was widely praised. The actress continues to work hard, as evidenced by her recent nominations and award-winning films. Her career has been a steady one, earning her awards along the way.

While Shiri Appleby has continued to act, she has also expanded her career by directing. She directed episodes of Roswell, New Mexico, and UnREAL. She played Liz Parker in Rosewell, as well as Rachael Goldberg on Unreal. As a director, she also has a keen interest in television and film. She has directed several episodes of the acclaimed television show, and she has appeared on numerous movie sets.

After a successful career in acting, Shiri Appleby has also branched into television directing. Her first episode of the Lifetime drama UnREAL aired in 2016, and she later directed multiple episodes. The drama has since completed four seasons. Appleby hopes to direct more projects in the future. She continues to develop her acting career and hopes to direct her first film. A lifelong dream of directing, Appleby is a promising career choice.

Her talent has led to many successful projects, including the hit television series Roswell, New Mexico, and the acclaimed film Hercules. Her recurring role on Roswell, New Mexico season two is set to be featured in the series’ final episode. She will also be featured in the upcoming ABC drama Mixed-ish. A strong career path awaits her. So, what are you waiting for? Shiri Appleby, Director is one of the most promising new projects in TV.


Like many female producers, Shiri Appleby is no stranger to Hollywood. The resume of the former “Liz Parker” embodies the level-headed attitude she brings to her work. From the mid-’80s, as “Little Girl #1” on such shows as thirtysomething and Who’s The Boss, to more recent credits on ER and Code Black, Appleby has a track record that is as diverse as it is impressive.

In addition to her work as a producer, Appleby also has an extensive resume as an actress and director. She appeared in several TV series, including “Chicago Fire” and “Dexter,” which lasted for six episodes in 2012 and 2013. She also appeared as a recurring character on the hit CW drama Girls, as well as in the CW’s Adam and Hanna. In addition to acting, Appleby also directed the Season 2 episode “Casualty.”

After signing an overall deal with A+E Studios, Shiri Appleby has signed a deal to produce original content for the company’s channels and outside buyers. As part of the deal, she will also serve as a brand ambassador for A+E Studios and Lifetime, representing both companies at major industry events. The deal includes several projects between the two companies, including a drama series for A+E called “UnReal.”

After a successful run as a leading character in “Everlasting,” Shiri Appleby has added directing to her resume. As a producer, she’s working with A+E Studios, which has acquired a huge portfolio of new programming. She will continue to act on “UnREAL” and will also produce original content for other A+E networks. In addition to producing the show, Appleby will continue to act in movies, including “Dating Rules From My Future Self.”

She graduated from Calabasas High School in 1997 and attended USC for two years. While she studied English at USC, she got a starring role on “Roswell.” After two years, she was working steadily and also studying toward her psychology degree. She completed her degree in 14 months, just in time to start shooting Season 3 of “Life Unexpected.”


Shiri Appleby is a popular social media star and the husband of chef Jon Shook, who owns a restaurant named “Animal.” The couple has two children together – an elder daughter named Natalie and a son named Owen. While the two have been married for almost three years, they met on a blind date in 2009. In addition to a long list of credits, the Applebys spend their holidays traveling to different countries.

Shiri Appleby was born on December 7, 1978 in Los Angeles. Her parents are Jerry and Dina Appleby. She has one younger brother named Evan. She attended Hebrew school and completed her Bat Mitzvah ritual. She lives with her husband in Los Angeles. Shiri’s biography is available online. Read on to discover more about Shiri Appleby’s marriage and her family life. Shiri Appleby’s husband, Jon Shook, is an American film producer and actress.

The Net Worth of Shiri Appleby is $1 million. Her income comes primarily from acting. She has appeared in many successful films and television shows. She has also received substantial earnings from brand deals. The exact amount of her earnings is unknown, but her net worth and salary are estimated to increase in the coming years. Shiri Appleby’s husband is unknown. The couple enjoys traveling and spending time in nature.

Shiri and Jon have two children, Natalie Bouder and Owen Lee. Natalie was born on March 23, 2013. And their marriage was blessed with another baby. In 2015, Shiri and Jon announced their second pregnancy. In December 2015, they welcomed their son, Owen Lee. Shiri and Jon are planning to tie the knot and change Shiri’s name to Shook. So, if you’re wondering if Shiri Appleby’s husband is a successful businessman, don’t let the two go without saying “I do!”

Jon Shook is a restauranteur and chef who met Shiri Appleby through a mutual friend. They got engaged in Ventoteen, Italy, and are very in love. While there’s no evidence of extramarital affairs, this couple seems very happy with each other and have no plans to divorce or split. A couple can be happy together if they have no previous problems. You might be wondering if Shiri Appleby’s husband is a good match.