Shop Around For a Mortgage Insurance PlanIf you are looking for a way to lower your monthly payments and have extra money each month, you may want to consider a 10-year fixed rate mortgage. This type of mortgage is great for people who are planning on living on a pension or social security for many years to come. They offer the security of a steady monthly payment, along with the flexibility of a flexible mortgage term. However, this option can be quite expensive. Here are several tips to help you get the best deal on a 10 year mortgage. The first tip that will help you find a good fixed rate mortgage is to shop around. Make sure that you look at a variety of different loans with different interest rates. You can get a better idea of what your monthly payment will be once you have an idea of the interest rate and amortization schedule. A fixed rate mortgage is usually less expensive than a variable rate mortgage and since it is fixed, you know exactly what your payment will be for the entire life of the loan. The second tip that will help you find the best deal on a 10-year fixed rate mortgage is to do your research. Shop online as well as in the local newspaper to see which lenders are offering the best deals on a 30 year fixed mortgage. Be sure that the interest rate that you will be charged on the loan is based on current market interest rates. Check to see if you can find any savings by refinancing as well. Look to see if you can get a home equity line of credit when you are looking for a lower interest rate. Lenders do not normally offer home equity loans but there may be a few that are offering them when you have a good credit score. Lenders are more willing to approve home loans with a large down payment because they consider the equity of your home when they are determining the interest rate. The more money that you can save up for the down payment the better the rate you can get. If you can extend the loan term the lower the monthly payment will be. Be sure that you do not get into such a program where you can end up paying extra costs later. Make sure that you know how much your monthly payment will be each month before you enter into a 10 year fixed rate mortgage insurance plan. You should also get this figure from your lender. This will help you to budget and know what kind of monthly payment you can afford. Shop around as well when you are looking for the best deal on a 10-year fixed rate mortgage insurance policy. Some lenders may offer better interest rates and terms than others. A person may benefit from an interest only program, while other people will be more comfortable with a fully amortizing loan program. Both programs are going to provide the same service. They are just designed differently. Someone who is going to pay off the loan over a couple of years may benefit from a fully amortizing loan. This will allow them to lock in at a lower interest rate. For someone who is just building their home and does not yet own their home there are also options for them to get a loan term that will lock in at a lower interest rate. If the homeowner were to default on their loan, the lender may benefit as the property would then be paid off. If they start to sell the home now they may benefit from the lower interest rate. If a person is not sure if they can afford a mortgage insurance plan they need to shop around. There are many deals that can be found. Most people have more than one type of job and do not even realize it. Every employer has some type of employee benefits plan. A person may find that they can save money by switching to an insurance plan.