Here, the free music apps for android are listed down as the best free music apps. They’re also popularly updated and user-friendly too. You might get confused on the first pick to select as they all are very much similar in basic features. However, if you paid enough attention, then you’ll find out the niche each of them belongs to.

If you like to listen to different types of music, then this is the free music app for you as it has got a lot of excellent music player options. You can have it as a universal music player or as your exclusive player for your specific device or even for your MP3 player. It plays back any type of audio and has got many customization options that allow you to personalize it too.

If you love listening to the latest radio shows, then this is the perfect free music app for you. It has got several excellent radio stations available where you can easily tune in and have loads of fun. Some of the famous channels include Slacker Radio, Your Dailyamus, The Rocket Network, Metalhead Radio, Buzzfeed and lots more. Apart from music, you can also download videos and images from YouTube and photos from Flickr. In fact, the app provides a lot of things to do like listen to live radio shows, listen to streaming radio stations and much more.

If you love listening to diverse types of songs, this is the perfect free music apps for Android for you. It offers exclusive and high quality songs for you to listen and even download anytime. The categories are hip hop, rap, jazz, folk, blues, pop, soul, adult, and several others.

Soundcloud is another wonderful app for you to get access to your favorite tracks. This service was launched by Chris Crowe and promises to provide you quality sound files whenever you need them. You can download it here for your Android device from the official website. You can search for your favorite songs, artists, and albums and even listen to them without downloading them. The best thing about Soundcloud is that it is totally free and the songs are constantly updated.

If you love listening to unique radio shows, then LiveXLife is the perfect free music app for you from the developers of Slacker radio show. The service is one of the most requested and used by listeners. With the help of the technology, the world will be able to listen to their favorite radio shows anytime they want. They can choose from an enormous variety of music such as rock, hip hop, jazz, soul, country, and more. With the free subscription to LiveXLives, you can expect to have new and exciting music every month.

Zune Music Store is another great music app for you from Google that you can get unlimited downloads. It offers several special features and you will surely love them such as customized playlists. With the help of the specialized playlists, you can easily find the right song that you like. You can also listen to several different radio stations in order to have a variety of music.

In the internet, you can find a lot of free music apps for your android devices. However, these apps will only work properly if you have the right music player. It is highly recommended for you to have the best mobile player in order to fully enjoy the benefits of these apps. It is important that you do not forget to look for the free updates in order to ensure that your songs will be as fresh as the day they were composed. If you are ready to give the music world a chance with your unique touch, you should consider downloading the latest free music apps for Android. This will make your device even more colorful and interesting to all those who would appreciate its many features and musical choices.