It’s a fact that many of us grew up reading Spiderman comics and watching the very entertaining Spiderman movies. We enjoyed being Spiderman, fighting evil villains and rescuing our loved ones. We dreamed about being a super hero growing up. Now, not only can we see these characters on the big screen, but we can live a life as one!

spiderman into the spider verse

Peter Parker is a high school student who lives in Queens, New York City. He dreams of becoming a superhero like the superheroes he sees on posters and television. He’s not so sure he wants to become one, but after a tragic accident raises his awareness about those kinds of responsibilities, he enrolls at a top college for the sake of pursuing his dream. Peter Parker soon finds himself fighting the Yakuza in the Asian mafia wars, where he learns about responsibility and the strength of friendship.

The heart of this Spiderman film is the amazing Spiderman vein machine that was designed by Tony Stark. This machine allows Peter to spider walk when he’s not on his webbing. Amazing Spiderman tells the story of Peter Parker as Spiderman. We learn about his daily life, his friendships with other superheroes like Iron Man and Thor, his adventures and his romantic relationships.

This is a great book to read, whether you are a Spiderman fan or not. The action is fast paced and there are some great fight scenes, including one between Peter Parker and a mugger. This movie is pure fun. No one can take the place of Spiderman in the Marvel Universe.

This is not the best Spiderman book I’ve read. That title would be disputed. But it is definitely worth reading. In fact, I might even pass this along to my son to get him to read. In any event, this is a fantastic read about Spiderman that any fan of this fantastic comic book superhero will enjoy.

This book continues where the last book left off, so if you haven’t read the last book, start right away. We return to Peter Parker’s day at college as Spiderman. He has just recently returned home from school and now has to live with his Uncle Ben (Drax). Uncle Ben is an abusive alcoholic who continues to mistreat Peter. He also forces Peter to hang out with his friend Flash.

With a new spider vein machine, Peter gets his web-shooting capabilities back. However, his Uncle’s behavior doesn’t stop, and he still beats his Uncle into a pulp. Then, the Spiderman villains to attack the city. Peter, who is trying to stop the fight, is confronted by Electro.

While fighting Electro, Spiderman gets some serious injuries. He gets bits of his flesh crushed, is burned (and now he can no longer bend) and bitten by one of the spiders. Now with a new spider vein machine in his hand, Spiderman sets out to find help for Aunt May (Anne Hathaway) and Doctor Harry Osborn (lementine Potter). This is a great book for fans of Spiderman, but be warned – this is a full-fledged, action-packed book that’s not for the squeamish.

The Spiderman Into the Spider Verse part two picks up right where part one left off. While Peter is away, a vicious spider snakes him out of town and he barely escapes it. While Peter is away, a mysterious thief (Owen Stone) sneaks into Peter’s house. He tells his boss that there was an accident while Peter was supposed to be at home. His mom insists that he go home, but his father (aren’t we all dads?) decides to pick him up anyway and goes on a mission to the facility where Spiderman was born.

While there, his father sees a vision of his son Spiderman (with his spider veins! ), so he jumps into the fight and easily overpowers his attacker, though not before being knocked down and getting a nasty spider bite. The fight ends with the villain being taken to a hospital, but his father is too hurt to leave Peter. Later on, he decides to give up his suit, so he can give his son the gift of a real life spider, the one he spent years training.

I have always loved Spiderman comics, especially when he was a kid, and so I was thrilled to see what happened after his first battle with the villain, Electro. Spiderman gets his spider veins blown out when Electro connects his webbing to his leg, but as soon as he heals he gets a brand new spider vein machine to replace the one he just destroyed. He uses it to shoot web balls at criminals. These are usually deadly because criminals have no idea what they’re getting into. You can’t tell a criminal who just got beat up by Spiderman that he just got an electric shock from Spiderman’s latest Electro web ball.

I’m excited to see where this story will take us in the Spiderman saga. It seems that Electro may be after Spiderman, and a big part of the Spiderman story in the next few issues will involve Spiderman fighting Electro. He has some new costume and tools too. He has a grappling gun, which isn’t seen much in the Spiderman comics so far. There will surely be more Spiderman merchandise coming out for the next couple of months, including a brand new video game and several Spiderman movies.