Student home insurance on it’s own isn’t going to cost you much as most providers quote up around the same (£250 monthly) but you will have to take out a policy from several different companies to get the best deal. There are several ways you can reduce your student home insurance premiums and most of these will also help you in other aspects of life. By deciding to be a safe and careful student, you can greatly reduce the cost of your premium.

student home insurance

The first thing you can do is to go into every room and look over your belongings carefully. Check to see if there are any valuable items that are not damaged or scratched at all. This is the sort of thing students need home insurance for. If you do not have any valuable personal belongings, you might consider moving some of your possessions into storage before you settle in at university. There is a huge amount of space at the university that you can store your possessions. Most students need to rent a flat or room in halls and apartments and as soon as you move in there you should take out furniture.

Once you are settled into your accommodation, make sure you make a list of all your personal possessions and check to see if they are insured. Also remember to keep a copy of your room number and your property details, as this is required when renting your accommodation. If you are living in halls and flats then make sure you inform the owner of your details and then when you are about to leave your accommodation, give them a call and ask to speak to the person who is renting the property. They should be able to give you a key to your accommodation so you can get out very easily. You should then move any personal belongings into the room or flat that you have been assigned as your student accommodation. It might be worth asking the owner of the student accommodation to leave you alone for a few days to move your things into your new accommodation.

Another important thing to do is to inform your insurance company about any break-ins or theft that you have experienced. You need to report this as soon as possible and also the police will need to be informed so they can come and help you with the crime. This might cost you a small amount of money but it’s worth having to protect your personal possessions. Many policies are also inclusive of fire and theft protection, which is also worth taking into consideration. If you were to suffer damage caused by fire or theft, then this might not be covered by your student home insurance.

Contents insurance policies are available from your home insurance company and it will usually give you protection for your personal possessions such as furniture, electrical goods, clothing and bedding. Contents can be protected for a period of one month up to 3 years. This will vary according to the policy that you take out. A brief outline of what’s covered is usually given, but it is important that you check it fully to make sure that you have the right protection. If there is something that you think you won’t need, then you should be able to include it on your policy.

Student home and contents insurance policies can be really helpful if you’re living away from home. Many students find it hard to adjust to their new lifestyle after moving away from home. It can be very expensive to buy a lot of new stuff when you’re still in school and most students find it hard to part with their personal belongings. Most student home and contents cover will pay for brand new items and some basic items that you’ve kept until the last week. You might have a ceiling value on these items and they can be replaced with brand new ones.

There are many exclusions that you should be aware of when you’re taking out a student home insurance policy. Some exclusions will protect you against liability, theft, explosions and fire, but not for vandalism. If you have things like door locks, then you might find that this is excluded. Check with the insurance provider to find out whether there are any other things like glass replacement that are taken into account. This can make a huge difference and you wouldn’t want to buy a policy without having this covered.

A student home insurance policy will often take into account the cost of travel costs when you’re living away from home. When you are attending university, you will be subject to tuition fee charges and boarding and lodging fees. If you’re living in accommodation that is provided by the university, then you will also be subject to these charges. Most home and contents policies will give you a limit as to how much you’ll be reimbursed for these charges so you should always check this before you sign up.