styx songs

Styx is a Chicago-based rock band that was formed in 1972. Their eclectic sound blends hard rock guitar with acoustic piano and synthesizers to create a unique sound. Their music ranges from upbeat tracks to power ballads and incorporates elements of international musical theatre.

The Grand Illusion

The Grand Illusion is the seventh studio album by the American rock band Styx. It was recorded at Paragon Recording Studios in Chicago and released on July 7, 1977 by A&M Records. It quickly became a worldwide hit and sold over three million copies worldwide. The album features a mix of rock, jazz, and soul influences.

Although many critics have panned the band’s overwrought music and lack of substance, the band’s talented musicians have defended their legacy. The concept behind “The Grand Illusion” is based on the futility of fame, as well as the struggle to overcome superficiality.

The Grand Illusion is a pleasant listen, but it is less cohesive than Styx’s previous works. The album contains a few radio hits and several underdeveloped pieces. Nevertheless, it shows the band’s potential as “prog lite” and is worthy of a listen.

Styx had come of age during the mid-late ’70s and had a progressive rock sound. They had to adapt to the pop market, but they succeeded. The band could transition effortlessly from ballad melodrama to arena rock. Their vocal range extended from whisper to scream. The band also had to release radio hits to gain greater visibility, but they never intended to simply release quick singles. Instead, they had ambitious goals to break the boundaries of musical genres.

The Best of Times

Although “The Best of Times” was written in 1968, the song is still relevant today. Forty years after its original release, the song continues to provide comfort to its listeners. A home recording of the song was made by the band’s founder last year during a pandemic, and it has become a viral sensation.

“Come Sail Away”

The song comes from the 1977 album “The Grand Illusion.” It is a classic that peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100. It uses sailing as a metaphor for reaching dreams. It’s also filled with religious themes, and the lyrics are a combination of nostalgia and escapism.

The song begins with a piano solo, and then progresses through a pair of verses about heading out to sea. The song then shifts into a guitar-heavy instrumental break that lasts a minute. It’s written in C major and has had an immense amount of popularity since its release. It’s been featured in numerous movies and TV spots, and it’s often used in film trailers.

“It Takes Love”

“It Takes Love” by Stx is a fusion of four separate songs. The album’s title track spans thirteen minutes, with each movement consisting of a different song. Both DeYoung and Young have distinct vocal roles and the band’s debut album is the only one to feature dual lead vocals.

The album features two previously unreleased tracks, “Little Suzie” and “It Takes Love.” Both songs are rockers that feature Shaw’s lead vocals. The album is one of the most successful in Styx’s career. It also marks their fourth consecutive triple-platinum LP.

“Little Suzie”

The CD Single is a promotional release for the song “Little Suzie by Styx.” It’s issued in a thin jewel case and is designed for promotional use only, and is not for sale. It was produced by the original band, and printed in the U.S.A. The cover features a 4″x4″ sticker.