Best Tax Relief Companies. An tax relief firm works on behalf of a taxpayer, aiding him or her avoid possible jail time and heavy back taxes. Attorneys, accountants, and certified public accountants assist IRS agents in finding ways to settle tax debts and avoid huge fines. Wachtell, Lipton & Rosen; TaxAssure, Liberty Tax Solutions; and Guidance Software International, Inc.

best tax relief companies

Taxpayers who are not able to settle their delinquent taxes face the prospect of criminal prosecution. When consumers cannot afford to pay what they owe the IRS, they are directed to the tax relief firm. These firms work with the IRS, assisting taxpayers in finding ways to settle delinquent taxes and avoid hefty penalties. Below is a list of the best tax relief companies and the services they provide.

Taxpayers seeking an IRS debt solution should contact the Community Taxation Services (CTS). The CTS’s goal is to educate consumers on the importance of paying their taxes and help them find solutions to their problems. To qualify for services provided by the CTS, taxpayers must meet certain income guidelines and have been a resident in the U.S., for at least five years.

Taxpayers may also want to contact the following companies to learn more about their services: H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, TaxWiz, and H&R Block Tax Relief. Taxpayers looking for free community tax help should consider contacting the National Association of Home Business. The NAFB provides consumers with resources to help them understand the tax code. It also offers a list of the best tax relief companies. To qualify for home business tax breaks, consumers need to be at least two owners of a qualifying business.

Taxpayers seeking the assistance of IRS debt settlement professionals should contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. The NFCC helps consumers to determine if they owe back taxes or are eligible for tax debt relief from the IRS. Qualifying taxpayers should call or visit the NCCA website to determine if they owe back taxes. If not, they should review the information on their tax bill to see if they qualify for an Offer in Compromise (OIC). In order to receive an OIC, taxpayers must agree to pay a specified amount. To learn more about what an OIC is and what it can do for you, consumers should visit the NCCA website.

For consumers looking for the best tax relief companies, they should remember that there are some tax attorneys who offer free consultations. The IRS offers free consultations for individuals who owe delinquent federal taxes. To qualify for a free consultation with a tax attorney, consumers should contact the taxpayer advocate office to schedule an appointment. To find out more about how tax attorneys help consumers prepare and pay their federal taxes, consumers should visit the US Department of the Treasury website.

The US Department of the Treasury offers free consultations for taxpayers who are enrolled in the Home Affordable Plan (HAP) or the Offer in Compromise (OIC). When applying for either a tax debt relief or an OIC, consumers should check to see if the firm also offers a payment plan, in case they cannot pay off the entire amount of their liability in a single payment. Some tax debt relief companies offer in compromise (OIC), and some do not. Consumers can call or visit the US Department of the Treasury website for more information on which companies offer in compromise (OIC) and which do not.

Community Tax Relief is another way for consumers to apply for tax relief. Homeowners can call or visit the US Department of the Treasury website for more information on this program. Some community tax relief companies work with homeowners and mortgage lenders to reduce the overall balance for delinquent payments. Others simply offer consultation and guidance to help homeowners get caught up on their delinquent payments.