Many of you who have been craving a good comedy movie are very much excited as we reach the month of April and look forward to new comedy films and TV shows to watch. Many people also make special note of the many award-winning comedies that have been released in the past. So, what do you have to look for in a comedy film? For those who want to know, here are some of the top picks this year –

The first comedy movie to come out this season is Raju Anand’s Bhumika in theaters after garnering good notices over the last few weeks. Starring best actress Prem Chopra, Bhumika is set against the backdrop of ancient Rajasthan. The story revolves around a talking dog (Abhrak Bhasma) who is adopted by a wealthy family and starts communicating with them. When his owner discovers the “dramatic powers” inherent in the talking dog, he adopts him and enlists him in his household. But things take a turn for the worse when the dog is accused of hiding documents which implicates his master in a wide ranging scam.

Another new comedy films that has been getting a lot of attention is No One But Yourself, the action-thriller starring D.W. Griffith and directed by Griffith himself. The film depicts a near fatal shooting on a Los Angeles street and is loosely based on the noir films of yesteryear. D.W. Griffith did his best to capture the noir era in this film and as a result, No One But Yourself was a hit. This film though went on to become one of the best war action films of all time and remains an epicenter of cinema. No One But Yourself was also released as an animated movie and was highly popular among children.

In case you missed it, there was another fantastic new comedy films to watch this week titled The Cobbler. Directed by Toddlers are David Fincher and Selma Fox and the movie’s main storyline revolves around two families who own a dog and a boy respectively. The family lives in an isolated house and when a tragic event takes place, both families must find a way to escape. As you can expect, as the plot progresses, these two families find themselves at the center of this action.

If you’re looking for the best new comedy films this year, look no further than Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The first Bill and Ted film (and probably the best of the franchise) finds Ted ( Reeves) and Pamela Anderson on the verge of divorcing because of something she did (which nearly led to their separation in the first place). While Ted tries to patch things up with Pamela via a series of physical and mental therapy, he gets caught up in an affair with his Realtor’s wife. When he realizes what he’s done, Ted makes an vow to never again try and break up a relationship, and he uncovers the true meaning of love…

This new comedy film about a mute dwarf who ends up communicating through electronic devices is actually one of the most popular movies of all time. Rajinikanth the elephant-headed king of animation has a mysterious past which is finally revealed in this film. Starring alongside Ajith Kumar (Koena Sheikh), Vicky Silverstein (Harriet Sansom Harris), and Deepika Padamsee ( Katrina Kaif), the lead character is brilliantly depicted by Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Mana), who plays the role of Ravi. Rajinikanth’s mysterious past, the unconventional style of acting, and some very catchy comedy sequences make Rajinikanth the bestselling comedy of all time. Popular movies like Kill Bill, Bombay Velvet, Sehenne, and Chennai Express also owe a lot to Rajinikanth.

Another great comedy that starred Bill Murray is Home For Good Kids. This film revolves around a group of misfits who learn that their family owns a daycare center, and thus they’re forced to work there after being kicked out of a juvenile detention center. The movie is quite enjoyable, with great comic sequences, and Murray’s acting is top-notch. There are a few other great comedies that you can watch, such as Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Man on the Moon, and Edward Scissorhands, which are all certified fun-filled films that you would definitely enjoy.

No list of the best comedies ever can possibly be complete without including Home For Good Kids. It’s one of those rare films which are capable of drawing in the children when they aren’t watching it, and it is the perfect watch for those parents who want to have something for their kids to laugh about while they’re watching something that they find really entertaining. Also, if you happen to be a parent to a small child who’s somehow become obsessed with the movie, then Home For Good Kids is a gift from heaven. There isn’t a single lines that don’t mean anything, and the story is just way too cute and adorable to even try and un-watch it. So if you want to relax with your children and watch some of the best comedies ever made, then Home For Good Kids is the one that you’ve been waiting for!