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The Best Hindi Films That Will Play on Your DVD Player

Sangeet Natu is the instrumental music in the well known In Dusapour film sung by the musicians in the movie. It’s a popular commercial genre similar to the Western “tops 40” music category. The original name of the music is Bongal, and it was first used in the 1957 Hindi movie, Deewana Kar Gaye. It has been used frequently ever since.

The term “Film Song” is now somewhat of a misnomer be reason there are very few songs of this type that have ever been in any major film. Bachchan actually did perform some songs on an American talk show, called ‘The Late Show’. This actually happened, though his career wasn’t that long. So the term came about sometime around then. It’s also worth noting that the band who sang the first song on In Dos, is actually named Bachchan and friends.

The first song on In Dos, which I’ll mention first, is called Babu saegypt. This is the song from the hit Hindi film, Baahubali. It’s a funny comedy with a catchy tune. This song was a hot favorite among Hindi film listeners. I’d heard it being played on radio stations all the time in India and even overseas.

The second hit from the first Hindi film song cycle is Din ka mein aap kamool. This is from the hit science fiction movie, Dauntless. It is the first motion picture song from this franchise that everybody knows. It’s been played at various movie events since the movie came out. You can easily find this song on YouTube.

The third entry from this cycle is Dankara, which is also the first performed by actress, Aparna Banerjee in any film she’s in. This fun fact is actually true. She was the original singer of this song. It’s been performed a million times over the last few decades.

The fourth entry from my list of the most popular Indian film songs is Baahubali. This fun fact is true. While the movie was in progress, a lot of film stars were trying to look tough at the shoot, so one of them was asked to sing a Bacharach song by his star share, which he obliged to do.

The fifth entry from my list is Willie Nelson. This is the very first song that I heard on American radio when it came out over the airwaves. I was listening to WPIX in Buffalo, New York at about the same time as Oprah. It was Willie Nelson’s very first appearance on a major show. A lot of us might not have known him then. But you know what?

We all know now that Willie Nelson is one of my favorite singers. The above mentioned five films with the most number of successes are all from the 80’s and that includes Pink Floyd, A Day in the Life, Grease, Chariots of Fire, and Sunday, Bloody Sunday. So it’s safe to say that we have a very defined genre when it comes to film songs. Which one do you think belongs to your favorite film? Let me know in the comments section.

The sixth on the list is Bacharach, from the film, Air Force One. I have always liked Bacharach and he also appeared in another movie, A Few Good Men. The most obvious choice for this one would be something from Star Wars. This would be a no-brainer, but what about Number Three, from The Firm? That would also be a no-brainer if it were George Lucas himself that wrote it.

The seventh on the list is from the Hindi film, Guru. This is the song Dhamal (meaning Lord! God! ).

Now, here’s the strange part; the only Hindi film that made it to number seven on this list is Anjali Mansoor (The Night). If you’re from America or are from India, this is the film that you are probably going to reference when looking for Indian film songs by virtue of the obvious familiarity with the language and the sheer popularity of the film. However, it was actually Jai Mahindra’s song, Rana Haldar, that came in at number eight… a song which did not have an English translation.

The last word on the list is du ring. If you are looking for the best Hindi film song ever made, du ring is the one to look to. Although it was adapted from the Sanskrit language it actually predates by several years the Hindi version, and is in fact a completely original work. The story is about a warrior called Drakumat (who is the equivalent of the Greek god of war) who marries an enchantress, Nandi, who has a magical wand that can break any magic spell. The only problem is that Drakumat always seems to break the spell, and ends up destroying the kingdom of Mathura.