Many of Christopher Nolan’s films have had incredible ratings at the box office, but the Batman films are tops in the genre. With the release of The Dark Knight, his second Batman movie, he has cemented his place in the caped crusader’s hallowed halls. So, how much money does Nolan’s movies earn, exactly? Let s rank them from highest to lowest.

The Dark Knight Rises. For many people, The Dark Knight Rises is the best Batman movie ever made. The visual effects are life-like and breathtaking. It may not have the same emotional impact as batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but it is definitely a top pick for its achievements in visual effects alone.

The Dark Knight. No list of Christopher Nolan’s films would be complete without including The Dark Knight. This is another fantastic superhero film directed by him. It ranks right up there with his previous two feature films, both of which earned him Academy Awards and are widely considered to be among his best works to date. As far as the overall box office goes, The Dark Knight earned close to $1 billion worldwide.

Inception. When it comes to the most expensive movie ever produced, Inception belongs in the category of the best films of all time. For those of you who don’t know, Inception was helmed by sci-fi director Jobsen and starring lead actors Michael Caine and Russell Crowe. The film pretty much sold itself, and even had an entire season made off the hype before it even started in the ratings. The rest of the filmmaking was handled by DreamWorks Animation, which has since been owned by Disney.

Dunkirk. Dunkirk is without a doubt my favorite of Christopher Nolan’s films, and it was also my favorite of Tom Hanks. The story of this WWII drama is one of the most emotionally draining affairs I’ve seen in a long time, and while it wasn’t particularly gripping at times, the excellent acting and cinematography was truly remarkable.

The Thin Red Line. I’m sure many people saw The Thin Red Line first when it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival of 2021. After that, few saw this Tom Hanks comedy and its follow up, Captain America: The First Contact. This was a brilliant piece of filmmaking, and Christopher Nolan did an amazing job of directing this film, which also stars Morgan Freeman as radio talk show host Steve Hartman.

The Dark Knight. As far as I’m concerned, The Dark Knight is the pinnacle of all Christopher Nolan movies. From start to finish, this is a film you must see. There is simply no doubt about it. No other film has had such a long, lasting impact on modern society.

In short, Christopher Nolan has put together an incredible filmography. His movies have always been visually stimulating, often mind-blowing, but this is a truly modern day epic, and the total production budget for The Dark Knight (which is $2 million or more) was really no surprise considering the quality of his movies up until this point. He has completely taken his artistic vision and turned it into the ultimate cinema experience for movie goers everywhere.

One of my favorite films of all time is The Dark Knight (in theaters now), and I could not be happier. If you’re looking for the best movies ever made, then this is one of the films to consider. Christopher Nolan is definitely one of the most skilled directors in the business today, and he proves it with each film he directs. The Dark Knight (in theaters now) is sure to garner great notices from viewers, and it will no doubt earn him many awards and accolades. He deserves it.

Dunkirk (in theaters now) is another fantastic film directed by Christopher Nolan. In this film, we travel back in time to World War II, and it depicts an incredible period in history that most of us can only dream about. The visual effects are simply breathtaking, and this will be a definite must-see film. The Dunkirk movie is probably going to be one of the most hyped movies of summer, and that’s a very good thing. A lot of filmmakers fail to live up to the hype around their films, and this is certainly one of them…but not by far!

There is no doubt that Christopher Nolan is one of the most unique and talented directors in the business today. His work is truly unique, and we are lucky to have him. He has a way of making films that no one else can copy, and no one else can appreciate. He is definitely a genius. In my opinion, the Christopher Nolan movies represent the finest films ever made…and if I have done my job correctly, you should give his Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight (in theaters now) a chance before you pass them by.