James Bond, known as Agent 007 (also always spelled as double-high seven) in the British Secret Intelligence Service, is the creation of British author Ian Fleming, who created the character in his famous third novel. Bond was almost as inseparable from his trademark martini glass of Vodka as he was to his country and his crown. The martini was a Bond trademark and in almost all the films since its creation Bond has drank from the same glass.

Even after so many years since its debut James Bond remains the favourite Bond villain for many fans. On the other hand Roger Moore as Bond has also gained fans’ affection. But who were the real Bond girls? And were they as gorgeous as their iconic portrayal by Sean Connery in the original Bond films? We will explore the answers to these questions as we consider the cast of James Bond’s girlfriends in James Bond movies.

The first Bond girl to make an appearance in any James Bond movie was Vicky Purkiss. She appears in the opening Bond movie where Bond kills her husband while she’s sleeping and then she later ends up dying in a train explosion. In the second and third films as Bond tries to win the challenge to kill him, he chooses to have Vicky as an opponent instead. She is one of the most popular Bond girls and even appeared in a spin off film with Anne Bonny and Mary Bond.

There was another pretty face that appeared in James McCray’s first James Bond film as Bond’s love interest in Casino Royale, which was Vesper Lynd. She was played by Yaphet Kotto and was supposedly the favorite Bond girl at the time. Kotto’s character was cut out of Casino Royale but not before a nice scene in which he threatens to have Yaphet killed if he ever tries to get into the office. Kotto is also seen on the internet as having a similar color scheme to Vesper. There was also singer Greco Roman from the band Scissor Sisters that had a small role as well, playing a member of the Sky gang in Skyfall.

In the second film of Casino Royale, Bond meets Yusef, a street kid who becomes Bond’s friend and B appetizer for the next several films. He is also briefly mentioned as Blofeld, the evil boss of the World Wide Web company that produces the world’s most sophisticated electronic spy equipment. The term “Bourne” comes from Blofeld’s name. Another reference to Yusef and his father is when Yusef is first seen with his father in the video screen in which Bond is visiting in the beginning of Casino Royale. Yusef was pushed over a balcony because he didn’t allow Bond to enter the building. This would have certainly made him a villain, if not for some excellent acting performances by both Depp and Russell.

On the other hand, Depp and Russell also did a nice job of recreating many of the classic scenes from the James Bond films including the shoot out at the airport in Casino Royale. The explosions at the end of the movie were also well done. There are also several YouTube clips of Pierce Brosnan as Bond as well as George Clooney as Bond, and you can see their great comedic performances. The YouTube account even has a whole section on clips from the latest Bond movies.

If you haven’t seen the latest trailer for Casino Royale, then you are definitely missing out. You can actually rent the entire film through Amazon and watch it on demand. One interesting thing about this is that there are numerous Bond videos being rented at Amazon. One can choose from various spy gadgets such as snakes that Bond uses to enter GQ’s, to a helicopter that Bond flies in the opening of Casino Royale. There are several spy gadgets that appear throughout the movies.

It’s fascinating to see how the actor plays this character. No one can surpass Pierce Brosnan as Bond. In fact, everyone wants him to be the next Bond. So what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy one of the best Bond movies of all time, Casino Royale.