old country songs

There are many great old country songs to be found on the radio. Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, and Patsy Cline are just some of the performers that have contributed to the genre. To find a particular favorite country song, check out our list of the best songs from each era. And for even more great old country songs, listen to the video below! Here’s a list of the best country songs from each decade – you’ll surely find a new favorite!

Patsy Cline

If you love old country music, you’ll love Patsy Cline. The iconic singer first gained fame with her recordings for Decca Records in the mid-1950s. She was a member of an iconic female class, one who helped pave the way for future female country artists. Unfortunately, Cline was killed in a plane crash in 1963, but her music lives on through her recordings. Read on to discover some of her most memorable hits.

“I Fall to Pieces” was Cline’s first release for Decca. The song reached number one on the country charts and hit the pop charts as well. Cline became a household name with this song, and the song proved that a female country singer could enjoy crossover success. Cline was later elected as an official member of the Grand Ole Opry. After recording “Crazy,” Cline found the success she wanted and soared to No. 2 on the country charts.

“You’re Stronger Than Me” had two versions. The slower version is a classic and appeared on Cline’s final EP. The song was written by Hank Cochran and Jimmy Key, and Cline made the song famous by covering it for George Strait on his 2000 album. Cline’s rendition of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” is still a timeless favorite for country music lovers.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson’s old country songs have remained a staple of the country music scene for decades. He’s a singular artist with an unmistakable voice. In a Rolling Stones article, Nelson was dubbed “the most unique country artist,” and his eclectic style is hard to miss. The former bass player crooned country standards while busting out with the likes of Waylon Jennings in the Sixties. His distinctive voice made him one of the most beloved country artists of his generation.

The saddest of Willie Nelson’s songs, “Angel” is a moving testament to the healing power of love and the bittersweet memory that follows. In the single version of “Angel,” Nelson plays a solo guitar part lasting a minute, enhancing the song’s evocative, mournful beauty. While “Angel” is a classic country song, Nelson reimagined it as a tribute to the woman he loved and lost.

While Willie Nelson’s music combines traditional country songs with modern pop and alternative sounds, he never shied away from playing the classics. In addition to his traditional material, he’s also recorded covers and original songs. His most recent album, Band of Brothers, was an instrumental collection of mostly new material. In addition to Willie’s old country songs, Nelson has also released collaborations with his sister, Bobbie Gentry. One such collaboration was ‘Last Man Standing,’ an original meditation on mortality.

Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard is one of the most influential singers in country music history. A pioneer in the Bakersfield country scene, he was a major influence on subsequent generations of country singers. His songs have become timeless classics and his induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame is a testament to his talent. To learn more about Haggard and his music, read on. This article highlights some of his most popular records.

Before making it big as a country singer, Haggard had a difficult childhood. He had broken marriages and did odd jobs to make ends meet. He was once imprisoned for petty crime. In an interview conducted shortly before his death, Haggard reflected on his troubled past. He spoke candidly about his early years, including his time on the runaway freight train and cramming himself into an old refrigerator car’s ice compartment.

Haggard made a significant contribution to country music during the Vietnam War. In a statement about the division among American citizens, Haggard’s single “The Fightin’ Side of Me” was a popular single, becoming a conservative anthem during the Vietnam War. Haggard’s song was popular with fans and charted at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and RPM Canada.

Tammy Wynette

A career spanning five decades has yielded numerous classic country records by Tammy Wynette, including “It Wasn’t Me” and “You Got Me.” Despite the sexy country music genre, Wynette’s personal life was just as troubled as her public life. The country singer was married five times, including to Euple Byrd (April 1960 – divorced 1966), Don Chapel (1967 – annulled 1968), George Jones (1969 – a. March 21, 1975), and George Richey (July 6, 1978 – a. September 1976).

While “Apartment No. 9” was a regional hit in 1966, the song would ultimately go to number one, and earned Wynette a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song. Wynette’s voice screamed over house beats, and she grew to love the sassy lyrics. This hit became her first No. 1 single, which she shared with Loretta Lynn.

In 1967, Tammy Wynette became the first female artist to sell a million albums, and she continued to be awarded for her achievements. She went on to marry country legend George Jones and recorded some of the finest duets in country music history. Sadly, Tammy Wynette passed away in 1998 at the age of 55, but her songs live on. They continue to inspire fans and are still played everywhere from church services to weddings.

Buck Owens

If you’re looking for an artist that can make you feel nostalgic for the country music past, Buck Owens might be the one to visit. As band leader of Don Rich and the Buckaroos, he was an original of the cool country look. His Capitol Records singles will provide hours of entertainment for fans of country music. The singer was from California, so he never followed the rules of Music Row. However, despite his success in the music industry, his popularity was not due to this fact alone.

Throughout his life, Buck Owens was a country music legend. He was a mentor, a performer, and a statesman. Unfortunately, his health suffered during his later years. He suffered from throat cancer in 1993, pneumonia in 1997, and a stroke in early 2004. Still, his work was recognized and he was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996. His career has been celebrated by fans since his days in Bakersfield.

Aside from singing old country songs, he also had a very successful television career. In 1969, he co-hosted the Hee Haw show alongside banjo picker Roy Clark. The show was a hit, and he played a banjo on it. The audience of Hee Haw was 15 million, and the song “Second Fiddle” quickly became his first chart-topping single.

Tanya Tucker

Tanya Tucker has always sounded like she belonged on a Nashville stage. Her acclaimed voice and deep, soulful singing can be heard in many of the most popular country songs. The song “Country Roads” was written by Loretta Lynn in the mid-1970s and has been covered many times. While this version was in the vein of movie folk title tracks, it became Tucker’s most popular pop crossover hit.

Delta Dawn, a song that Tucker recorded with her mentor, Waylon Jennings, was her first number one single when she was only thirteen years old. The song was about a middle-aged woman who can’t forget her former lover, and its powerful, throaty vocal style wowed critics. While several acts recorded this song during Tucker’s career, it was Tucker’s version that reached the top of the country charts.

“Girls Like Me” is another country song sung by Tucker, which she recorded when she was a teenager. It’s a song about revenge, and shows off her maturity as a singer. Tucker’s eerie, precise vibrato reveals the truth behind the lyrics and the meaning behind them. While the song doesn’t have much in common with her earlier country hits, it is a great example of her talent and sensitivity.