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The Boom of BTS Kpop From Bangkok to Other Countries

It seems as if the BTS Kpop industry has finally found its footing. The charts are all going K-popp and the audiences are singing out for K-pop! However, what is the most hated country of all? Well, that would be Thailand. No, really. There are many reasons why.

First of all, they are the most corrupt country in the world. Thailand has the most money laundering laws in the world and they have very lax immigration rules. They have some of the most horrendous Human Rights abuses going on, and Thai Immigration just laugh and do nothing about it. The result is that a lot of the local Thai population are extremely poor. They don’t even have basic education.

Then you have the Thai army. Over the past decade the army has been terrorizing the civilian populations they occupy. I’ve heard estimates that anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 have either been killed or maimed because of the Thai army. This is in addition to all the torture and excessive violence that their soldiers have inflicted upon others. They have used child soldiers, tortured and killed them, and then took pictures of the bodies.

Then there is Thailand’s infamous, decade long, reign of terror against the Thais. For over two decades the Thai military has terrorized large areas of northern Thailand, destroying entire villages, razing homes, schools, and entire towns to the ground, and then burning alive hundreds of thousands of people. When the military is done carrying out their sadistic and ruthless agenda, so too will the art.

Many people in Bangkok are not even aware of this, but there have been increasing concerns that the Thai government is trying to block any pop music artists that are attempting to be too political in their lyrics and their performances. Many of these artists are posting their lyrics on their Facebook pages in apparent support of the Thai royal family. Others have even posted that they are not endorsed by the Royal Thai Government, but rather are only expressing their own view of Thailand and its current rulers. There have even been arrests being made for “provocative” behavior.

While there are many problems in Thailand, especially in the rural regions of the country, the problem with pop stars such as BTS Kpop, and many others, really has nothing to do with the real issues, at all. That being said, those who live in the rural areas of Thailand are up in arms about the whole thing, claiming that it is a disgrace that a country which takes so much pride in its military heritage is allowing this pop craze to take root. One woman was even arrested for holding a sign that said, “F—k The Coup”. It should be noted that while she did hold her sign, other people in the vicinity actually did not, showing their support for the Thai military and their conservative way of life. Other countries around the world are not letting this f—k with a full throttle celebration of pop culture.

In fact, there have been harsh words sent from the Thai Royal Court and from other parts of the world for Thais to stop allowing this pop culture to take off. It seems that the people of Thailand have not learned their lessons from history. The current King, the Sun King, has taken a hard line with his people, ordering the closure of all bars, casinos, and other such businesses that promote BTS Kpop. This includes all performances, from live shows to performances by well known pop stars. He has even issued a order to cancel all performances by BTS Kpop artists in the coming months.

While some are applauding the move as a way to clamp down on free expression, other analysts see it much differently. Thailand has become too dependent on tourism and it needs the revenue from these activities to offset the loss of the royal family. With tourism, Thailand has lost much of its natural wildlife, which is greatly threatened by the large number of hunters that are poaching for large game. It’s not just Thailand either, with similar measures being adopted in neighbouring countries. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months, but one thing is for sure: the pop scene will be going strong for a long time to come.