The Do Over is a modern day comedy classic. Two down-on-his-luck guys, Norm Abram and Frank Langella, set out to prank the local police by planning a heist that would involve the use of an unmarked car. They succeed, but when the police discover the plan, they become involved in the heist. Two thumbs up from the critics, two thumbs down from the audience.

the do over

James Cagney stars as Norm Abram, an obnoxious drunk who is the local sheriff’s deputy. He’s unapologetic about his lifestyle, frequently showing his badge and chasing drunk drivers. At one point, he starts dating Beverly D’Angelo, who appears to be his ideal date. Norm’s life is suddenly complicated when he gets a call from his daughter’s friend, Annabel, telling him that she has been talking to a guy named Frank. Norm is shocked that his ex-girlfriend is talking to someone he never knew existed. Beverly, Frank, and Norm are thrown together in an evening of wild adventures.

Riding on the coattails of the success of The Godfather, John Wayne became a household name in the motion picture industry. As the leading man, he played the starring role in many movies including A Few Good Men and A Fist Full of Dollars. Like many of the leading men of the motion picture era, John Wayne didn’t quite fit the mold of Hollywood screenwriters and directors. That is why this movie ranks right up there as one of the greatest comedy movies of all time.

As a memorable character, George Bailey is one of the first to enter the movie. His colorful, straight-laced personality immediately makes himself apparent. His presence, however, doesn’t last long. After his brief introduction, he is quickly forgotten. It is only in the last minutes of the film that we are allowed a glimpse of George’s past…

With an endless series of bouts with alcohol, George finally snaps and starts beating on Muffet Troughy. In the process, he permanently disfigures Muffet. As the audience learns about Muffet’s background, we quickly realize that George has been controlling her life for some time. When he realizes that she is going to marry Basil, he forces her to marry him. The end of the film sees Muffet accept George’s offer.

One of the funniest lines in the movie occurs when Muffet, after accepting George’s offer, confronts him at the wedding about their earlier conversation. While she is threatening to leave, George insists that she just want to leave for now. Muffet stubbornly refuses to leave. George finally decides to tell her to leave, but Muffet doesn’t want to leave. Instead of telling her to leave, she decides to give George a lift across town in her cart.

The funniest scene takes place right after George gets the dough over. As Muffet drives away in his car, he stubs his toe on the do over. The next thing you know, the do over has disappeared. George runs to get help from Basil. Meanwhile, Muffet is stuck at the wheel (and totally unhooked), so George and Basil have a race to see which one of them can drive the cart the farthest.

Overall, This is a fantastic film. Although it may not be the best picture out there, it is definitely a funny one. The special effects are inventive and unique…the humor is fresh and unique. Even the scenes involving the wedding are funny. If you are looking for a great babysitter comedy, this is the one to watch.

The Do Over is certainly more entertaining than the other Bridesmaids movies. The other Bridesmaids movies made me feel like I was just sitting in the back of the theater, while The Do Over was going on in the front. While the rest of the movies felt like they belong in a different category altogether, The Do Over belongs in the comedy category. I think the writers of the movie knew that, and that is why it works so well.

The Do Over is certainly not a perfect film…there are definitely some flaws. I feel like the plot could have been built better. The storyline is also a little bit too contrived.

However, I feel like I would recommend watching this if you have never seen the Bridesmaids. If you like the Bridesmaids movies, then I would definitely suggest giving The Do Over a try. If you have seen the Bridesmaids and are familiar with the plot, then The Do Over might be a great way for you to go. Either way, you should definitely have fun watching this funny movie!