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The South Korean boy group X1 will debut with a new album, titled Flash. Hangyul and Dohyun will be debuting as a duo. They have been engulfed in a vote-rigging scandal. Their contract with Mnet is at risk, too. Read on for all the latest news about X1 kpop. Here are some of the things you should know about the group.

X1 kpop’s debut album will be titled Flash

X1 has announced their debut title track! ‘FLASH’ will be the lead single from their upcoming album! The song is described as a combination of EDM and house music with futuristic trap elements! The members of the boy band, which is under the management of Stone Music Entertainment, have already been hard at work, recording a mini album, learning choreography, and filming several variety shows.

X1’s success is a result of a number of factors. The group was formed in 2011 and was signed to an agency in 2012. They received massive success with their EP, ‘Quantum Leap’, and topped the charts in its first week. The group’s debut album had a sales total of 524,007, making them one of the biggest K-pop groups ever!

The name of the group is a pun on the word ‘flash’, but it is also a sarcastic reference to “flash.” The new member of X1 is named Eunsang, and he is a singer who was a contestant in the ‘X-Factor’ competition. X-Factor’s Eunsang is also a member of a group called iZ*ONE.

Despite the group’s recent debut, there have been many problems. X-Factor’s recent controversy has stymied efforts to secure endorsement deals. This is a definite setback for the new X-Factors. They have also faced numerous allegations of vote rigging, which has made it difficult for them to secure deals in the music industry.

Hangyul & Dohyun will debut as a duo

The new duo will be called H&D and will make their X1 Kpop debut on April 21. Both members of the MBK Entertainment label are highly-talented. Hangyul is the lead singer and has been training for 4 years and two months. He was a member of IM until last year and now leads the group as the lead vocalist and dancer. Hangyul has two tattoos on his back. His first title track has already received more than 11 million views and has received many positive reviews.

The duo is made up of former X1 members Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyun. They first met on the production show Produce X 101 and began promoting as a duo. The first song from their album Soulmate is called “Hangyul & Dohyun” and has been widely shared on the internet.

The two members of MBK Entertainment are pursuing acting careers and have recently released web dramas. Lee Han Gyul and Nam Do Hyun are currently part of CRAVITY along with the other members of the group. They are both also part of the boy group Green from Redsquare. Despite their success in a number of projects, the two duo’s upcoming debuts have been a surprise for fans.

Hangyul was born in North Gyeongsang Province and went to Yeongdong High School in Seoul. He studied acting and dance and has won several major awards. He also has a fear of far-away objects. He dislikes cicadas and spicy foods. He once danced with Shannon on her comeback stage.

After disbanding from X1 over a year ago, it was expected that the members would continue their solo careers. Hangyul’s career continued after the dissolution of X1. Han Seungwoo’s solo career included Extended play Fame, while his acting debut was in Love#Hashtag. Hangyul & Dohyun will make their X1 Kpop debut as a duo in 2019.

X1 kpop’s reality show was embroiled in a vote-rigging scandal

The X1 kpop group has disbanded due to a vote-rigging scandal. Last month, the show’s chief producer and director were arrested. The duo was accused of accepting bribes from talent agencies in exchange for fixing vote results. Aside from the band members, many fans were also disappointed. This sparked a social media furor and prompted a number of celebrities to express their disappointment.

The Seoul High Court ruled that 12 trainees were unfairly eliminated from Produce 101. The scores of each trainee were calculated from Thomson Reuters ESG (Ethical Standards and Governance) reports and ranged from 0.083333 to 0.166666. Although this may seem like a small number, it’s enough to make the show a point of contention.

X1 kpop’s contract with Mnet

A report released on Monday suggests that X1 kpop’s contract will end due to the recent scandal involving the label. The singers and their group managers met in secret for a meeting to discuss their future activities and promotions. While the group’s parent company CJ ENM has said the group is continuing its schedule as usual, fans are concerned about this issue. Mnet has not yet publicly responded to the fans’ comments.

X1 kpop’s contract is being scrutinized after the boy band was suspended due to a scandal involving voting manipulation. Despite this, they are still expected to make music and appear on Mnet shows. Nevertheless, their performance will be largely ignored by fans and critics alike. The group’s contract will last for 2.5 years, and their future is still uncertain. The controversy over X1’s contract with Mnet explains why they’re not receiving any payment for their past activities.

The disbandment of X1 has also led to some fan speculations about the future of the group’s Produce 101 series. One-it fans, the official fan club for X1, have been showing support for the group and have even started a hashtag called #WeTrustX1.

X1’s disbandment came as a shock to the world music arena, with many fans wondering what happened and who was to blame. The group formed on the Mnet channel’s Produce show and has since sold over half a million albums. After the debut show-con, X1 members took part in various overseas events such as KCON. This piqued fans and helped the band’s popularity skyrocket.

The group’s debut was delayed as Mnet’s votes were manipulated. This caused many fans to question whether the group’s contract with Mnet was actually worth the money they’d spent on their debut. As a result, their debut album sold over 520,000 copies in a week. X1 is the best-selling K-Pop idol rookie group, and has been featured on eleven number-one music shows.